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Final Project – Gundam Martial Arts (Stop-Motion)

This is my final project of making a stop-motion video using my Gundam figures to make a martial arts battle scene. The tool that I used to make the stop-motion is from the app called Stop Motion Studio. I used my iPad as my camera to make each frame of the video.  Also, I use a ruler to make my iPad to stay in position. The background that I used for my video is from a construction paper. It’s simple and plain so I would wanted the viewers to be only focus on the Gundam figures. I would always start off with the character(s) making an entrance in the beginning and then may have a little bit of the dialogue to talk about something to the point. Lastly, the fights goes on until battle is over. The fight choreography will be made from an inspiration from Bruce Lee’s martial arts movies and his personal martial arts, Jeet Kune Do (Way of the Intercepting Fist). For the main character that I use to make “Form Changing” during in the battle is a mix idea from my original idea of having the main character to switch forms for a certain situation on the battle along from the based on its anime show “Gundam AGE” were it has 3 forms the main character has now in this video. I used a flashlight each time he change forms or hits his opponents to make like so-called “Special Effects”. For some scenes having blur movements is to make the characters to have like a real-life movements like a person. The reason is that I wanted the characters to move like humans in reality when capturing in motion picture rather than just a simple positioning the movements in process. For each different scenes, I reposition the background to make it look like it is viewed on different angles. The total of frames in minutes is about 2750 frames for 4 minutes in length. It took me about 2 to 3 days to complete this video including the editing and positioning the soundtracks on each certain section of the scene. The sound effects were all used from the YouTube videos that I wanted to match with my stop-motion project which is listed below.

From the entrance to the dialogues are from the movie “Game of Death”. It is from 0:20 to 0:36.

The background music is also from “Game of Death”.

The punches and kicks were used from same movie as well.

The movements were used from this video below. The running is used from 0:01 to 0:02. The block-attack is from 0:03. The crunching sounds that I used for my video is from 0:03 to 0:04. The falling ground sound is from 0:04 to 0:05. Lastly, the arms and leg movements is used from 0:06.

An example of similarities fight choreographs between my video and from the “Game of Death” film.

Game of DeathAge-1 (Spallow) vs Mobile Suits

Stop-motion (Left); Film version (Right)
Game of Death Gundam-Martial-Arts

 My reflection to this final project is that I enjoy making this stop-motion video because I always wanted to do a stop-motion video of my own and seeing my Gundam figures in motion. When making a stop-motion, you really need a lot of patients in order to get the result that you wanted to be like at the end. It may need to take a hour or more depending how long you wanted the video be, including the speed for how fast or slow you want the motion picture to be animated.

Final Project Idea

For my final project I decided to create a story with sound. I want to use a bunch of different sounds that is obvious to what is going on in the piece but want to give the listeners the privilege to vision the scenario. I will be using both pro tools (for when I am in the lab) and audacity (for when I am at home) to work on this.

here’s an example on what I plan on working on. This is should be fun!