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Richard’s Plane Crazy 3:45-4:15 Breakdown

I believe I have a really fun part in this ensemble.  My part is dealing with the sound of the air, a plane propeller and a crazy up and downish sounding clip.

This is an updated message.  By looking at others posts, I see I didn’t do an actual step by step sound play like they did.  I actually believe mine will work better once I start putting the sounds I mention into the film and play around with them.  But that’s just me..

My  section is 3:45-4:15

1.   3:45-3:48 is a Squeaky turning of a wheel a propeller and the woosh of air.

2.  3:48-3:51 is the Propeller, the air and a stretching rubbery sound with the                                    breaking or cracking of a stick

3.  3:51-3:54 is an oncoming truck with the boinking or plucking of eyes with the                              propeller and the air whooshing or whipping past

4.  3:54-3:57 is a swerving and or dodging sound with wooshes and propeller

5.  3:57-4:00  is still swerving & dodging sound with gasps with an oncoming truck                           sound

6.  4:00-4:03 is Propeller with swerving and screaming with a sputtering sound

7.  4:03-4:07 the propeller with an up and down whistle and “Woahh” sounds

8.  4:07-4:10 still up and down sound and “Woahhs”……..with Propeller.

9.  4:10-4:13  Plane falling or dropping and sputtering with propeller of course

10. 4:13-4:15  Plane dropping and rising and bending or squenching of church.


This Project is really going to be lots of fun for me.  I happen to love putting and adding animations and being able to express my creativity with trial and error.

All of my effects will come from the following site.

These are Real Life Sounds I used



The following were Cartoon sounds that were used