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Who’s that singing in the bedroom?

Above is the example created of a woman listening to a distant singer. She walks down a hallway and opens the door. It uses three samples: Holmes singingSome footsteps, and Door opening.

To make the singing sound distant and heard through a wall the level was raised slowly while we heard footsteps to the doorway. But more importantly, a low pass filter was applied to remove the high frequencies which are normally lost not able to pass through dense materials such as walls and doors. As the door opening sound plays, the low pass is turned off so that it gives the impression of the listener now has an unobstructed view of the singer.

There is more work to be done I believe to make this more realistic. I think the low pass frequency cut-off could be increased as the walker gets closer to the door. Also some reverberation filters on the voice would help as well, especially finding a way to give differentiation between the hallway space and the room.

I used this great tutorial by DannyNguyenAudio as a quick refresher of how to use automation with filters in Pro Tools.

He also covers the basics of automation for levels and panning in short form. I need to look at more of his tutorials as the three I watched were all quick and straight forward.

For the assignment, use sound samples to create a one to two minute piece that showcases a change in perspective through sound design. This perspective change can happen through a variety of means – equalization, levels, and/or panning for example. Embed your piece in a post and describe your process following the suggestions of a good blog post.