My Final “THE DREAM”

This Final Post has alot of meaning for me because I was able to utilize every class I have taken this semester and use each of the “Tricks” I’ve learned to weave out a story of a guy named Richard.

This post will of course use video, which I used IMovie with, also this post will utilize sound design. The programs used were Audacity and Protools.  This particular story will involve the use of sound from different POV’s and visual effects which also require Sound effects.  I will allow you to read the script before you watch the movie.  Stick around after and read some final thoughts and hear about some of my favorite directors as well.

Read the Script By Clicking below then watch the movie and hear final thoughts.

The Dream Script

Now you guys will get to see the Finished Movie.

Now, I will dwell into what I have uncovered for shooting professional or Amatuer Scenes.

For a simple scene, what is necessary is to first Determine where actors will be positioned on the set and the first camera position in relative to them. This is called Blocking.

Then, we would set the lighting in perfect reference to the camera and the actors, This portion would or could be described “Light”

After such arrangement we would do a rehearsal with the Camera crew and lighting crew with the actors to see if things look the way the director wants it. This portion would be called “Rehearsal”

The next phase would be “Tweaking” to allow us to use our reference during the rehearsal to adjust or fine tune any issues we uncovered while rehearsing.

Then would come the “Shoot” where we would go ahead and shoot the scene.

These Tips were from RIGHT HERE

As I look at actual movies, action movies at that, I realize how there are different point of views for one line.  Lets say our character is speaking about a subject to another character. While he is speaking, the POV switches from a shot of him to a shot of him from her perspective and her reactions to what he’s saying.  I believe that shot sequencing can be very very helpful in portraying emotion and helping convey subject matter of conversation. The scene sequence I just mentioned was a 3 shot POV.

Martin Scorsese Director of Taxi Driver spoke of his imagining a scene and almost never having it come out the way he portrayed it in his mind.  See full commentary here. What stands out is that Martin speaks of how he uses certain people who to him, have a certain look about them and are able to portray his message more on screen.  He also speaks of how certain small, yet noticeable character flaws convince him to or not to use these actors.

Martin to me is one of the best directors of our time.  His movies span over 30 years or more and each one in this writers opinion is better than the next.  Here are some clips from other actors who speak of his work. Find it here.

For my movie, what you heard in certain points were voiceovers placed in on separate tracks and panned and adjusted to convey perception differences.  For example after Richard (me) get’s slapped, the next scene when Sugar begins speaking off camera is the Audacity track which I cut out some of the high frequencies and added a little right sided panning to give the appearance of her speaking from the next room.

Now, I will expand on how I would improve my first scene in “The Dream”

In Scene 2 when Sugar (wife) comes into the apartment and sees Richard asleep on Couch, I would leave that where it is, but as she walks towards the kitchen, I would switch to a back shot of her as she is walking.  I would then catch a facial shot of her as she looks into the kitchen.  Then we would go to the full screen shot of her waking Richard up.

I would catch a facial shot of Richard being Startled as he is called to wake up and then back to the full screen of her talking to him as he wakes up and asks for food.

First of all even before all of the above revisions, I would definitely use a better camera.  I was using my cell phone and of course I would make certain the lighting was much, much better.  I believe with these two important issues fixed, my Dream movie would have moved up an entire level in Amateur film making.

I truly believe I have a future in the art of film making.  After this class and others I have taken this semester, I know I shall pursue this field for it gives an outlet to my creativity.  I also plan on asking other students to help me with maybe this project or another which I have many ideas in my head.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


Final Project Plan

For my final project plan is about making a Martial Arts stop-motion video of my own using my own Gundam figures to do the actions. The tool that I make for my stop-motion video is from the app called Stop Motion Studio. This app helps to “add amazing sound effects at virtually any position within your movie. Choose from more than 40 music and sound samples.”  The fight choreography will be made from an inspiration from Bruce Lee’s martial arts movies. While for the sound effects, I will pull off from the YouTube videos that I want to match the actions and moves for my Gundam figures when they doing the fight scenes.

Final Project Idea

For my final project I decided to create a story with sound. I want to use a bunch of different sounds that is obvious to what is going on in the piece but want to give the listeners the privilege to vision the scenario. I will be using both pro tools (for when I am in the lab) and audacity (for when I am at home) to work on this.

here’s an example on what I plan on working on. This is should be fun!

Plane Crazy Minnie: Scene 19 (NO BACKGROUND MUSIC)

The sound clip below is the revised audio of scene 19 of the cartoon “Plane Crazy Mickey“. I chose this scene from the 6-23 of Plane Crazy scenes described in class to simply expound upon what I wanted I had previously created. This was my second attempt to recreate each action as I seen them occur in the form of sound. For scene 19 I added more to the current audio I had to make the scene more dense with consistent appropriate audio. I also removed the The End Of Trunchbull  background music from the Matilda soundtrack to emphasize the sounds I used for each action made by Minnie. Although this scene was only 10 seconds long, I tried to blend all the sounds evenly throughout the clip. Many of the sound effects I used in this audio clip came from the SoundBilble website which is a FREE SOURCE site.

Although a part of this whole assignment is to play but in a constructive manner which allows you to learn while you work and tinker. I found this assignment to be one of the most interesting for many reason. I enjoyed trying to sync my animated sounds with the actions of Micky and Minnie. I felt that my skills were really tested where sound and video were concerned. I had to align multiple tracks which all made sense to me. Each sound I imported I tithe Pro Tools 10 program I used all made sense. It was fun! Constructive fun. My learning experience was nostalgic mainly because what I did for this assignment is something I’m good at and used to doing outside of class.


  1. Typhoon (used throughout the entire clip to provide the wind element in the scene)
  2. Bomb Dropping (used this sound to emphasize Minnie falling from the plane)
  3. Female Screaming (used to emphasize Minnies emotion to falling from a plane)
  4. Slide whistle (used to emphasize Minnie flipping upside down)
  5. Slide Whistle (used to emphasize the when Minnie spins over correctly seated in the parachute)
  6. Slide whistle (used to emphasize Minnie pulled the cord to her parachute)
  7. Cloth Flaps (used to emphasize the parachute was fully  opened)
  8. Rope Tension (used to emphasize the swinging motion Minnie made while in the parachute)


Out of all the sounds I used I found that only the slide whistle did not fit into the natural sound category. Although the slide whistle is a actual sound made from a musical device in the context of what I used it for does not exist. When people flip there is not a slide whistle sound that is heard as that happens.

  1. Slide whistle (used to emphasize the when Minnie spins over correctly seated in the parachute)


The list of sounds below are what I felt fell into the category of natural sounds. the typhoon sound I used was an actual typhoon sound that can be heard during a typhoon as high winds pass. While minnie was screaming I used the Bomb Dropping sound effect to just add to the notion that she was falling from the sky. The female screaming sound that I used can also be heard when a female screams in fright from something. The cloth flaps I used to emphasize the opening of the parachute can also be hard from a real parachute as it opens in the air. Last, the rope tension sound that I used can actually be heard from a real rope that in under a lot of stress due to a heavy object

  1. Typhoon (used throughout the entire clip to provide the wind element in the scene)
  2. Female Screaming (used to emphasize Minnies emotion to falling from a plane)
  3. Cloth Flaps (used to emphasize the parachute was fully  opened)
  4. Rope Tension (used to emphasize the swinging motion Minnie made while in the parachute)
  5. Bomb Dropping (used this sound to emphasize Minnie falling from the plane)


19. 5:00-5:09 Minnie is free falling to earth when she realizes she might pop her pantaloons into a parachute. Minnie begins to float down gently.





Plane Crazy – Scene 6 (NO MUSIC!)

In the video clip below, I revised the audio design for scene 6 of Walt Disney’s classic cartoon “Plane Crazy“. The revised audio design for the scene doesn’t include background music so there’s no emotion in this clip. The scene is 16 second segment of the cartoon, which is from 2:28 to 2:44. Scene 6 is the scene where Mickey pulls Minnie into his plane, the dog wraps around the propellers and starts the plane and then the plane bumps into a huge rock and Mickey falls out the plane and the plane is still going and then he gets up and starts running after it. For the creation of the revised sound clip, I used Pro-Tools to mix the sounds up to make sure that I got the sound to the exact moment I wanted it to. After the sound mixing, I exported the video clip into a QuickTime video and uploaded it onto YouTube. The video is below here:

For finding the sounds for the revised video clip, I went to Soundbible and looked for mostly animation sounds to go along with actions that were happening in the video clip. The sounds that I used and where in the clip exactly I used the sound for, are listed here below:

1. Banana Peel Slip (The sound was used for when Minnie was slipping on the plane being pulled into her seat)

2. Large Thump Or Bump (The sound was used for when Minnie fell into her seat entering the plane and when Mickey fell out of the plane when the plane crashed into the huge rock)

3. Car Brake Crash (The sound was used for when Mickey’s plane crashed into the huge rock while still in transmission)

4. Swooshing (The sound was used for the dog’s action of wrapping his body around the plane’s propeller to start up the engine)

5. Sewing Machine (The sound was used for the plane’s engine sound; the sound was mixed with another sound titled “Yak Propeller Plane” for the engine to sound more convincing)

6. Tires Squealing (The sound was used for the plane’s tires screeching on the road while it was still in transmission)

7. Yak Propeller Plane (The sound was used for the plane’s engine sound; the sound was mixed with another sound titled “Sewing Machine” for the engine to sound more convincing)

Making this sound design revision was a pretty fun experience. This was my first time ever working with sound design for an animation or feature film in general. I never knew how revised sounds and voices worked for films already made until now. I think I can definitely see myself doing this later in the future, but not just for work wise, but in my spare time for fun. With more practice and professional help, I can improve more on the timing on sounds in general, which was my biggest flaw in the sound revision.

Plane Crazy scene 20 (No Music)


The scene where Mickey and the plane about to charge towards to the ground. This version is without background music inserted. All of the sound effects were used from the YouTube videos for each section to be filled with sounds. There are some reactions and sounds will fill to tell the viewers what is happening in this scene of this video. Each of the sound videos were listed below for the parts of the actions of the scene.

When Mickey reaction and and realized that he’s about to fall is from this video:


Mickey’s scrambling towards the plane from this video from 2:05 to 2:07.


Mickey’s scream that I used is from this video:

I looped the screaming  to extend longer as Mickey’s screams is a bit long during the fall.

For the plane sound is from this video:

I find this assignment very interesting to do because I can replace the video’s original sounds into something different and mix with other sounds. It is kind of similar to the movies of having the characters being dubbed by the voice actors.

My Two Sections of Plane Crazy are done

The first section is when the out of control plane is chasing Mikey and the cat tries to help him.

The Next Section is when Mikey and Minnie are finally up in the air.  Mikey decides to take advantage of their time alone but Minnie is not having it… Sections 4:15 – 4:37

My Sources are as follows

Mickey Mouse Crazy Plane Sec 13

We were challenged to do a segment with no music. I really focused on trying to make the sounds for the airplane as well as make it sound pop a little. Again using sound bible along with downloading youtube clicks using The new sound I added The car drives by, i intense the sound of the air plane by adding two additional sounds, i also included the whistle sound. To go along with the little drop the air did.

I choose to revise section 13  of Plane crazy Mickey. The previous audio I created was with the them music from matilda which was The End of Trunchbull. We incoperated that soundtrack with sounds. We were challenged to create it with no music this time. I wanted to be as precise as possible. Using and YouTube helped me to create this.


List of Sounds used in Section 13

Wind ( which is play throughout the entire 14 secs)

Metal Rattling (I used for the airplane sound. Being that the airplane seemed like it was smoking and rattling)

Screaming (used when the plane was falling)

Airplane ( used when the airplane came closed toward the camera. I used this particular sound to give and illusion of a plane coming close. I increased the sound)

Slipping sound ( used when she was pulling on Mickey’s shirt)

Boing sound ( used will Minnie was bouncing up and down in the plane.


Metaphoric sounds I used were the slipping and Doing sound. I used that to emphasis the moment.


The natural sounds I used wind,metal,Airplane and  Screaming.

Airplane sound effect




Alasia’s Plane Crazy Revision With Soundtrack and Video Imported!!!

[youtube][/youtube]For my scene in plane crazy i chose scene 3:19-3:43. First i downloaded the plane crazy video using, and next i imported the video into adobe premiere. After that, I cut out the clip in which i would be using and then inserted it on my timeline. I then began researching for sound so that would match both the theme and the movement of this scene where Mickey Mouse is pulling the cow and chasing the cow and the plane, as well as jumping on top of the cows head while trying to be the hero at the moment. As for the sound I chose, well i searched on YouTube for cartoon sounds in particular and i found a video that seemed to best fit this scene. When finishing the video i downloaded a mp3 version of it using YouTube to mp3.,com, and then i also imported that into adobe premiere and cut the track from the entire soundtrack into the track that i thought would fit perfectly for the scene. When doing that i then muted the soundtrack for the plane crazy film on my timeline, and then i inserted the soundtrack i found on YouTube and inserted it onto the timeline where it would start at the beginning of the scene and end in the ending of the scene. Finally i imported both the audio and video into pro tools to see if i could do a bit of adjustments, and i found myself mainly fooling around with the echoing tool, as well as the bass and volumes. Thus bringing the sound in the film top be a bit more dramatic which is exactly what i was trying to go for. Here is the scene above with my audio inside of it, i uploaded the video to YouTube so it could, be more accessible to use when i further the audio editing/mixing process.