The Dream of Becoming a Song Writer ( Starring Kevin Jackson Prod by Mc Alexander S C)

There it is :

For my final I want to make a short portrait documentary. This will be my first attempt of making any type of filming, that is what excited me the most I enjoy doing challenging stuff it is a way for me to see how far I can actually push myself. The documentary will be about a friend of mine his name is Kevin Jackson, he is part of a music label called Merlot Inc. I met Kevin when I was a freshman at York College. Kevin is from the Bronx New York, growing up music always has been a part of his life. His dad use to play R&B musics. He is an English major here at York College he enjoying writing poetry. His music have a message, it have a purpose nowadays people misunderstand the Rap Culture whenever someone say rap the first thing that come in their mind is SEX, DRUG AND THUGS. The documentary will introduce him as an artist and his process recording, writing songs and also his dream of becoming a song writer.

For this documentary I will be using the Canon 60D which will allow me to shoot at 24 frames per second and also at 1080p.

For the sound recording I will use the lavalier microphone which is a small electret or dynamic microphone used for television, theatre, interview etc…

For the light & tripod:
I will need at least two lights, preferably three. A soft source of light is best for the subject, a second light for the background, and a third for either fill light, hair light, or a side light (variously called “edge”; light or “rim” light). Umbrella for the main light, but umbrellas tend to scatter light all over the place, making subtlety difficult. A softbox are much better its much easier to control to my opinion. Lightfinterviews-2

The problem that I had to face for this project was the noise, more precisely the low frequency noise.I had these noise because I do not use another to record the sounds. However I was able to remove of some it by adding a sound track to the video and also the professor show how to remove it in Pro Tools by finding which frequency the noise is coming from which was around 10k then we flipped the opposite was reduce most of the noise and also we put it to 18 DB…
One the other challenges I had to face was cutting up the audio so he what is was saying could make senses. This the first time in my life I ever had to edit or show a video. It was hard but I tried my best I have learned a lot of stuff from it such always use another device to record the audio

The video and the audio came out great I showed it to some of my friends they liked it. Overall I was able to take the stuff that I have learned during this semester such knowing the different type of microphone know their purpose. Also the sound design by adding different perspective of the sound for example I have a shot from outside where they are working on a song in the room when I got inside I changed the audio so if someone was listening only to the audio so they could know they are in the studio working on a sound or doing something else it help the audience to visualize whatever they are listening to. Overall I really liked this project and this class it helped me understand the importance or should I say the role audio play in whatever medium you are working on.

For this project I used a video Kevin already had on their Youtube channel and I extract the audio from it and I also used some of the video clip as B-ROLL

I also use music and the instrumental as a soundtrack while he is doing the interview

Another one

B-roll video

New Final Project Idea

For my final project, I have chosen a new animated cartoon, since professor said my first choice Alarm, was already used in other previous sound class. I will rework the sound design for Mickey Mouse Haunted House cartoon. I will attempt to produce this using the Matilda Approach. Therefore, I will a combination of natural sounds, and metaphoric sounds to create a dramatic scene. I will use Adobe Premiere CS6 and Avid Pro Tools to put all the sounds together. I will rework from 00:20 to 2:00.

Here is the video I will rework.


Here’s a lists of some free sounds that I planned to use:

My Back-up Project Idea

My other project idea is basically taking off a segment of my show and putting in the most detail moments. Its more of a trim and it is pretty much challenge. I was going to put my whole 30 minutes of my show with effects, but it would be too long.

Here is my latest show on the Raymond Mora Sports Show. We discuss the New York Sports Teams, Knicks and Nets Match-up and NFL Picks. The Knicks struggle and structuring teams on a certain star. Also we ended it with NFL Picks.

Apparently I have to embed the video from spreaker and need a widget, but this the link and podcast to YCRADIO.

Crazy Plane Plan

I will be doing working on lines 13 and 21 for this sound design project. Line 13 which started 3:59-4:11 and line 21 which start at 5:14-5:21.

I downloaded the samples I will be using for this project:

Pro Tools
Adobe Premier Pro

Matilda sound track
Growing pipe
plane crash

Individual Project Update

My latest update on my sound project involves either a segment or a holiday mix of the best moments in my show along with an intro music. Now the holiday mix with the best moments will probably be top 5 or some bites and trying to make the bites rhythm so it will make sense with the music. It is kind of tough but it is still a work in progress . Here a link of something I would want to do and with sample this theme into my show.

I will put up my other back up project if this one doesn’t go based on the difficulties in another post.


Alasia’s Change in her Final Project!

For my final project I decided to do something entirely different, i am no longer going to put music into my GIF. I would like to do a remix of one of my favorite songs “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Ray. However, I am going to use Miley Cyrus’s Version of this song, since I like the way she added her own creativity to it. I plan on doing a mashup of various beats and adding all types of effects to it, using audacity. During class last week, and over the week i searched on youtube, and and looked at audacity tutorials on both how to mix up beats, and how to turn a song into only an instrumental, or into an acapella. What I plan on doing for this song is taking out the beats, adding in my own beats, and only leaving the song with only Miley singing and nothing else. After that, i have searched a number of beats that i would like to use instead of the original beat that Miley is singing with in her version of the song below. I would also like to change the tempo of the beats, and Miley’s voice for my remix so that everything can sync well with one another.

Remove the instruments from an audio file with AUDACITY v1.2.6

Audacity Tutorial How to Match Beats for Mashup Remix Mix Tape | Edit MP3 Matching

Audacity tutorial: Using common effects |

Here is the song I am remixing below:

Miley Cyrus Cover For – Summertime Sadness

I love Lana Del Ray and she definitely has as beautiful voice, however i did like Miley’s version of summertime sadness a bit more so i decided to just remix her version.





Plane Crazy 9 and 17

Here is a list of sound effects I choose to use for the clips I was assigned. I was assigned numbers 9 And 17 from the collection of sounds in for the Plane Crazy Flim. In number 9 i was assigned to construct a sound design decribing the 3:08-3:19 time frame of Minnie’s POV as plane bears down on cow. Using the sounds from i downloaded i was able to import them into protools and mix and order them into a sequence representing the action in the film.

Cow Noise

Plane Propeller

Horse Gallop

Stretch Noise

I had to cut some of the clip out in order to use what i wanted. I slowed down the timeon the horse gallop use the time shift edit tool.

In number 17 i was assigned to construct a sound design decribing the 4:47-4:55 time frame of Mickey having terrified Minnie tries to force himself on her and than She slaps him in the face.Using the sounds from i downloaded i was able to import them into protools and mix and order them into a sequence representing the action in the film.

Big Kiss

slap in face

Goofy laugh

Teeth Chattering

Kiss noise



Slow & Furious Final

For my final project , I change it up once again from the help of Michael. My project would content a trailer from of Fast and Furious. Since Fast and Furious trailers have many action and thriller. I wanted to strip out the content of that idea and make it as a enjoy full ride to their destination  . However I study the movie Little Miss Sunshine trailer , which in their trailer, it started with a story and certain clips it showed some of the ride experiences that was taken place.

However for this sound project it would be a very excitement , and enjoyable since Fast and Furious is all about living in a fast pace and racing . But my trailer is going to all about the Slow and Furious. Some of my sound would prolly come out of Little Miss Sunshine trailer. However I would also pull out some musical sound for other place as well.
Recently one of the main character has passed away Paul Walker, this project would be a very touchy project to do. Since has of the movie was about him. I’m going to end my my clip was a memory of Paul Walker.


Here are some of the idea I’m trying to aim for

Final Project – Gundam Martial Arts (Stop-Motion)

This is my final project of making a stop-motion video using my Gundam figures to make a martial arts battle scene. The tool that I used to make the stop-motion is from the app called Stop Motion Studio. I used my iPad as my camera to make each frame of the video.  Also, I use a ruler to make my iPad to stay in position. The background that I used for my video is from a construction paper. It’s simple and plain so I would wanted the viewers to be only focus on the Gundam figures. I would always start off with the character(s) making an entrance in the beginning and then may have a little bit of the dialogue to talk about something to the point. Lastly, the fights goes on until battle is over. The fight choreography will be made from an inspiration from Bruce Lee’s martial arts movies and his personal martial arts, Jeet Kune Do (Way of the Intercepting Fist). For the main character that I use to make “Form Changing” during in the battle is a mix idea from my original idea of having the main character to switch forms for a certain situation on the battle along from the based on its anime show “Gundam AGE” were it has 3 forms the main character has now in this video. I used a flashlight each time he change forms or hits his opponents to make like so-called “Special Effects”. For some scenes having blur movements is to make the characters to have like a real-life movements like a person. The reason is that I wanted the characters to move like humans in reality when capturing in motion picture rather than just a simple positioning the movements in process. For each different scenes, I reposition the background to make it look like it is viewed on different angles. The total of frames in minutes is about 2750 frames for 4 minutes in length. It took me about 2 to 3 days to complete this video including the editing and positioning the soundtracks on each certain section of the scene. The sound effects were all used from the YouTube videos that I wanted to match with my stop-motion project which is listed below.

From the entrance to the dialogues are from the movie “Game of Death”. It is from 0:20 to 0:36.

The background music is also from “Game of Death”.

The punches and kicks were used from same movie as well.

The movements were used from this video below. The running is used from 0:01 to 0:02. The block-attack is from 0:03. The crunching sounds that I used for my video is from 0:03 to 0:04. The falling ground sound is from 0:04 to 0:05. Lastly, the arms and leg movements is used from 0:06.

An example of similarities fight choreographs between my video and from the “Game of Death” film.

Game of DeathAge-1 (Spallow) vs Mobile Suits

Stop-motion (Left); Film version (Right)
Game of Death Gundam-Martial-Arts

 My reflection to this final project is that I enjoy making this stop-motion video because I always wanted to do a stop-motion video of my own and seeing my Gundam figures in motion. When making a stop-motion, you really need a lot of patients in order to get the result that you wanted to be like at the end. It may need to take a hour or more depending how long you wanted the video be, including the speed for how fast or slow you want the motion picture to be animated.

Crazy Plane 13 and 21

For this project I had to use lines 13 and 21 for this sound design project. Line 13 which started 3:59-4:11 The plane finally pulls upward but flails wildly in the air and line 21 which start at 5:14-5:21 The plane’s point of view of the ground while spiraling toward a large tree, ends with classic “CRASH,” “BANG,” animated text…

Matilda sound track
Growing pipe
plane crash