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Crazy Plane Plan

I will be doing working on lines 13 and 21 for this sound design project. Line 13 which started 3:59-4:11 and line 21 which start at 5:14-5:21.

I downloaded the samples I will be using for this project:

Pro Tools
Adobe Premier Pro

Matilda sound track
Growing pipe
plane crash

Individual Project Update

My latest update on my sound project involves either a segment or a holiday mix of the best moments in my show along with an intro music. Now the holiday mix with the best moments will probably be top 5 or some bites and trying to make the bites rhythm so it will make sense with the music. It is kind of tough but it is still a work in progress . Here a link of something I would want to do and with sample this theme into my show.

I will put up my other back up project if this one doesn’t go based on the difficulties in another post.


Alasia’s Change in her Final Project!

For my final project I decided to do something entirely different, i am no longer going to put music into my GIF. I would like to do a remix of one of my favorite songs “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Ray. However, I am going to use Miley Cyrus’s Version of this song, since I like the way she added her own creativity to it. I plan on doing a mashup of various beats and adding all types of effects to it, using audacity. During class last week, and over the week i searched on youtube, and and looked at audacity tutorials on both how to mix up beats, and how to turn a song into only an instrumental, or into an acapella. What I plan on doing for this song is taking out the beats, adding in my own beats, and only leaving the song with only Miley singing and nothing else. After that, i have searched a number of beats that i would like to use instead of the original beat that Miley is singing with in her version of the song below. I would also like to change the tempo of the beats, and Miley’s voice for my remix so that everything can sync well with one another.

Remove the instruments from an audio file with AUDACITY v1.2.6

Audacity Tutorial How to Match Beats for Mashup Remix Mix Tape | Edit MP3 Matching

Audacity tutorial: Using common effects |

Here is the song I am remixing below:

Miley Cyrus Cover For – Summertime Sadness

I love Lana Del Ray and she definitely has as beautiful voice, however i did like Miley’s version of summertime sadness a bit more so i decided to just remix her version.





Plane Crazy 9 and 17

Here is a list of sound effects I choose to use for the clips I was assigned. I was assigned numbers 9 And 17 from the collection of sounds in for the Plane Crazy Flim. In number 9 i was assigned to construct a sound design decribing the 3:08-3:19 time frame of Minnie’s POV as plane bears down on cow. Using the sounds from i downloaded i was able to import them into protools and mix and order them into a sequence representing the action in the film.

Cow Noise

Plane Propeller

Horse Gallop

Stretch Noise

I had to cut some of the clip out in order to use what i wanted. I slowed down the timeon the horse gallop use the time shift edit tool.

In number 17 i was assigned to construct a sound design decribing the 4:47-4:55 time frame of Mickey having terrified Minnie tries to force himself on her and than She slaps him in the face.Using the sounds from i downloaded i was able to import them into protools and mix and order them into a sequence representing the action in the film.

Big Kiss

slap in face

Goofy laugh

Teeth Chattering

Kiss noise



Slow & Furious Final

For my final project , I change it up once again from the help of Michael. My project would content a trailer from of Fast and Furious. Since Fast and Furious trailers have many action and thriller. I wanted to strip out the content of that idea and make it as a enjoy full ride to their destination  . However I study the movie Little Miss Sunshine trailer , which in their trailer, it started with a story and certain clips it showed some of the ride experiences that was taken place.

However for this sound project it would be a very excitement , and enjoyable since Fast and Furious is all about living in a fast pace and racing . But my trailer is going to all about the Slow and Furious. Some of my sound would prolly come out of Little Miss Sunshine trailer. However I would also pull out some musical sound for other place as well.
Recently one of the main character has passed away Paul Walker, this project would be a very touchy project to do. Since has of the movie was about him. I’m going to end my my clip was a memory of Paul Walker.


Here are some of the idea I’m trying to aim for

Crazy Plane 13 and 21

For this project I had to use lines 13 and 21 for this sound design project. Line 13 which started 3:59-4:11 The plane finally pulls upward but flails wildly in the air and line 21 which start at 5:14-5:21 The plane’s point of view of the ground while spiraling toward a large tree, ends with classic “CRASH,” “BANG,” animated text…

Matilda sound track
Growing pipe
plane crash

Final Project Plan

For my final project plan is about making a Martial Arts stop-motion video of my own using my own Gundam figures to do the actions. The tool that I make for my stop-motion video is from the app called Stop Motion Studio. This app helps to “add amazing sound effects at virtually any position within your movie. Choose from more than 40 music and sound samples.”  The fight choreography will be made from an inspiration from Bruce Lee’s martial arts movies. While for the sound effects, I will pull off from the YouTube videos that I want to match the actions and moves for my Gundam figures when they doing the fight scenes.

Plane Crazy – Scene 6 (NO MUSIC!)

In the video clip below, I revised the audio design for scene 6 of Walt Disney’s classic cartoon “Plane Crazy“. The revised audio design for the scene doesn’t include background music so there’s no emotion in this clip. The scene is 16 second segment of the cartoon, which is from 2:28 to 2:44. Scene 6 is the scene where Mickey pulls Minnie into his plane, the dog wraps around the propellers and starts the plane and then the plane bumps into a huge rock and Mickey falls out the plane and the plane is still going and then he gets up and starts running after it. For the creation of the revised sound clip, I used Pro-Tools to mix the sounds up to make sure that I got the sound to the exact moment I wanted it to. After the sound mixing, I exported the video clip into a QuickTime video and uploaded it onto YouTube. The video is below here:

For finding the sounds for the revised video clip, I went to Soundbible and looked for mostly animation sounds to go along with actions that were happening in the video clip. The sounds that I used and where in the clip exactly I used the sound for, are listed here below:

1. Banana Peel Slip (The sound was used for when Minnie was slipping on the plane being pulled into her seat)

2. Large Thump Or Bump (The sound was used for when Minnie fell into her seat entering the plane and when Mickey fell out of the plane when the plane crashed into the huge rock)

3. Car Brake Crash (The sound was used for when Mickey’s plane crashed into the huge rock while still in transmission)

4. Swooshing (The sound was used for the dog’s action of wrapping his body around the plane’s propeller to start up the engine)

5. Sewing Machine (The sound was used for the plane’s engine sound; the sound was mixed with another sound titled “Yak Propeller Plane” for the engine to sound more convincing)

6. Tires Squealing (The sound was used for the plane’s tires screeching on the road while it was still in transmission)

7. Yak Propeller Plane (The sound was used for the plane’s engine sound; the sound was mixed with another sound titled “Sewing Machine” for the engine to sound more convincing)

Making this sound design revision was a pretty fun experience. This was my first time ever working with sound design for an animation or feature film in general. I never knew how revised sounds and voices worked for films already made until now. I think I can definitely see myself doing this later in the future, but not just for work wise, but in my spare time for fun. With more practice and professional help, I can improve more on the timing on sounds in general, which was my biggest flaw in the sound revision.

My Two Sections of Plane Crazy are done

The first section is when the out of control plane is chasing Mikey and the cat tries to help him.

The Next Section is when Mikey and Minnie are finally up in the air.  Mikey decides to take advantage of their time alone but Minnie is not having it… Sections 4:15 – 4:37

My Sources are as follows

Mickey Mouse Crazy Plane Sec 13

We were challenged to do a segment with no music. I really focused on trying to make the sounds for the airplane as well as make it sound pop a little. Again using sound bible along with downloading youtube clicks using The new sound I added The car drives by, i intense the sound of the air plane by adding two additional sounds, i also included the whistle sound. To go along with the little drop the air did.

I choose to revise section 13  of Plane crazy Mickey. The previous audio I created was with the them music from matilda which was The End of Trunchbull. We incoperated that soundtrack with sounds. We were challenged to create it with no music this time. I wanted to be as precise as possible. Using and YouTube helped me to create this.


List of Sounds used in Section 13

Wind ( which is play throughout the entire 14 secs)

Metal Rattling (I used for the airplane sound. Being that the airplane seemed like it was smoking and rattling)

Screaming (used when the plane was falling)

Airplane ( used when the airplane came closed toward the camera. I used this particular sound to give and illusion of a plane coming close. I increased the sound)

Slipping sound ( used when she was pulling on Mickey’s shirt)

Boing sound ( used will Minnie was bouncing up and down in the plane.


Metaphoric sounds I used were the slipping and Doing sound. I used that to emphasis the moment.


The natural sounds I used wind,metal,Airplane and  Screaming.

Airplane sound effect