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Paul Walker Bipolar Side

So for my final project I did a short trailer with Paul Walker.  And took some clips from the second film  Fast and Furious. I take some clips where Paul was acting either serious or very funny. In put them together and made as the movie was him being bipolar throughout the whole way.

My favorite part was adding the voices. I ask my cousin Carlos , to do the voices with deep voice. Which  I found very hilarious since we always doing these silly voices. And I incorporated them into the scenes  where they have titled in them. I also added a car tires squealing into one of the scenes, where i gotten my sound from Soundbible. I also added a child screaming in of the part of the trailer, which i also gotten it from Soundbible.

I wanted my trailer to be short and funny and gets to the point. And I had a choice to added another character but I felt like Walker , had many funny scenes in the movies without even trying to be funny. Which it come out naturally. And I focus more on the sounds then they clips because I wanted to show that I had learned something in this class.    Which it wasn’t so focusing on the trailer just the sound.since I have not yet taken a course on moving pictures. So i wouldn’t have much knowledge on making a good trailer .

What I learned from doing this project time is the key when you are adding any sound to any film. If you don’t have nail down with the moving picture or is off by inch it throws out the whole scene off. Which sound is the main course for making your project come to live . I also learn that you could control the volume, while you have it embed into your project . Also what i learn from re-doing the project again was volume is the key point.

This is the first video i did


This is the second one I made with all the comments i was giving.

List of the voices

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


On November 30, 2013, Paul Walker passed away from speed , just like his movie Fast and Furious. above his one of his quote  and the aftermath of the accident he was in. R.I.P Paul Walker

Quote “If one day the speed would kill me, don’t cry for me. Because I was smiling”


Final Audio Project: The Hit

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

For my audio project, I decided to do a mix up with a bunch of sounds that I got from both YouTube and freesound, and make a story out of them. The program I used to attempt this was Pro Tools 10. I do not know how I came up with the idea. A friend of mine was watching The Untouchables, and just thought of the idea of me working for Al Capone.

The Plot: A hitman is hired to kill a wealthy man, to cut off the court case put towards Al Capone (The man who orders the hit). He is to kill this man, show proof, then flee the scene, ensuring no witnesses. I plan to work more on this to where he blows up the house, drives away, then get killed by a different hitman who was hired by the same Al Capone, because he was serious when he said “No Witnesses”. Should be fun. Anyway enjoy!

I loved working on this. This project gave me a better understanding with Pro Tools  and really helped me connect with the creative side of me. I was able to use sounds that was totally unrelated and combine them into a story. My end results of the project is great, to me, but want to work on it more. Got a lot of positive feedback, and I plan to continue mixing.

Sound Links: assembling gun,  Aggressive DogDog cry ,Rainwalking on grass, car pulling off,  car pulling over, gate, sidewalk, radio show, marimba, car door, chains, reload, maid, shower, snap photo

Final Project – Gundam Martial Arts (Stop-Motion)

This is my final project of making a stop-motion video using my Gundam figures to make a martial arts battle scene. The tool that I used to make the stop-motion is from the app called Stop Motion Studio. I used my iPad as my camera to make each frame of the video.  Also, I use a ruler to make my iPad to stay in position. The background that I used for my video is from a construction paper. It’s simple and plain so I would wanted the viewers to be only focus on the Gundam figures. I would always start off with the character(s) making an entrance in the beginning and then may have a little bit of the dialogue to talk about something to the point. Lastly, the fights goes on until battle is over. The fight choreography will be made from an inspiration from Bruce Lee’s martial arts movies and his personal martial arts, Jeet Kune Do (Way of the Intercepting Fist). For the main character that I use to make “Form Changing” during in the battle is a mix idea from my original idea of having the main character to switch forms for a certain situation on the battle along from the based on its anime show “Gundam AGE” were it has 3 forms the main character has now in this video. I used a flashlight each time he change forms or hits his opponents to make like so-called “Special Effects”. For some scenes having blur movements is to make the characters to have like a real-life movements like a person. The reason is that I wanted the characters to move like humans in reality when capturing in motion picture rather than just a simple positioning the movements in process. For each different scenes, I reposition the background to make it look like it is viewed on different angles. The total of frames in minutes is about 2750 frames for 4 minutes in length. It took me about 2 to 3 days to complete this video including the editing and positioning the soundtracks on each certain section of the scene. The sound effects were all used from the YouTube videos that I wanted to match with my stop-motion project which is listed below.

From the entrance to the dialogues are from the movie “Game of Death”. It is from 0:20 to 0:36.

The background music is also from “Game of Death”.

The punches and kicks were used from same movie as well.

The movements were used from this video below. The running is used from 0:01 to 0:02. The block-attack is from 0:03. The crunching sounds that I used for my video is from 0:03 to 0:04. The falling ground sound is from 0:04 to 0:05. Lastly, the arms and leg movements is used from 0:06.

An example of similarities fight choreographs between my video and from the “Game of Death” film.

Game of DeathAge-1 (Spallow) vs Mobile Suits

Stop-motion (Left); Film version (Right)
Game of Death Gundam-Martial-Arts

 My reflection to this final project is that I enjoy making this stop-motion video because I always wanted to do a stop-motion video of my own and seeing my Gundam figures in motion. When making a stop-motion, you really need a lot of patients in order to get the result that you wanted to be like at the end. It may need to take a hour or more depending how long you wanted the video be, including the speed for how fast or slow you want the motion picture to be animated.

My Final “THE DREAM”

This Final Post has alot of meaning for me because I was able to utilize every class I have taken this semester and use each of the “Tricks” I’ve learned to weave out a story of a guy named Richard.

This post will of course use video, which I used IMovie with, also this post will utilize sound design. The programs used were Audacity and Protools.  This particular story will involve the use of sound from different POV’s and visual effects which also require Sound effects.  I will allow you to read the script before you watch the movie.  Stick around after and read some final thoughts and hear about some of my favorite directors as well.

Read the Script By Clicking below then watch the movie and hear final thoughts.

The Dream Script

Now you guys will get to see the Finished Movie.

Now, I will dwell into what I have uncovered for shooting professional or Amatuer Scenes.

For a simple scene, what is necessary is to first Determine where actors will be positioned on the set and the first camera position in relative to them. This is called Blocking.

Then, we would set the lighting in perfect reference to the camera and the actors, This portion would or could be described “Light”

After such arrangement we would do a rehearsal with the Camera crew and lighting crew with the actors to see if things look the way the director wants it. This portion would be called “Rehearsal”

The next phase would be “Tweaking” to allow us to use our reference during the rehearsal to adjust or fine tune any issues we uncovered while rehearsing.

Then would come the “Shoot” where we would go ahead and shoot the scene.

These Tips were from RIGHT HERE

As I look at actual movies, action movies at that, I realize how there are different point of views for one line.  Lets say our character is speaking about a subject to another character. While he is speaking, the POV switches from a shot of him to a shot of him from her perspective and her reactions to what he’s saying.  I believe that shot sequencing can be very very helpful in portraying emotion and helping convey subject matter of conversation. The scene sequence I just mentioned was a 3 shot POV.

Martin Scorsese Director of Taxi Driver spoke of his imagining a scene and almost never having it come out the way he portrayed it in his mind.  See full commentary here. What stands out is that Martin speaks of how he uses certain people who to him, have a certain look about them and are able to portray his message more on screen.  He also speaks of how certain small, yet noticeable character flaws convince him to or not to use these actors.

Martin to me is one of the best directors of our time.  His movies span over 30 years or more and each one in this writers opinion is better than the next.  Here are some clips from other actors who speak of his work. Find it here.

For my movie, what you heard in certain points were voiceovers placed in on separate tracks and panned and adjusted to convey perception differences.  For example after Richard (me) get’s slapped, the next scene when Sugar begins speaking off camera is the Audacity track which I cut out some of the high frequencies and added a little right sided panning to give the appearance of her speaking from the next room.

Now, I will expand on how I would improve my first scene in “The Dream”

In Scene 2 when Sugar (wife) comes into the apartment and sees Richard asleep on Couch, I would leave that where it is, but as she walks towards the kitchen, I would switch to a back shot of her as she is walking.  I would then catch a facial shot of her as she looks into the kitchen.  Then we would go to the full screen shot of her waking Richard up.

I would catch a facial shot of Richard being Startled as he is called to wake up and then back to the full screen of her talking to him as he wakes up and asks for food.

First of all even before all of the above revisions, I would definitely use a better camera.  I was using my cell phone and of course I would make certain the lighting was much, much better.  I believe with these two important issues fixed, my Dream movie would have moved up an entire level in Amateur film making.

I truly believe I have a future in the art of film making.  After this class and others I have taken this semester, I know I shall pursue this field for it gives an outlet to my creativity.  I also plan on asking other students to help me with maybe this project or another which I have many ideas in my head.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


Final Project Idea

For my final project I decided to create a story with sound. I want to use a bunch of different sounds that is obvious to what is going on in the piece but want to give the listeners the privilege to vision the scenario. I will be using both pro tools (for when I am in the lab) and audacity (for when I am at home) to work on this.

here’s an example on what I plan on working on. This is should be fun!

Plane Crazy scene 20 (No Music)


The scene where Mickey and the plane about to charge towards to the ground. This version is without background music inserted. All of the sound effects were used from the YouTube videos for each section to be filled with sounds. There are some reactions and sounds will fill to tell the viewers what is happening in this scene of this video. Each of the sound videos were listed below for the parts of the actions of the scene.

When Mickey reaction and and realized that he’s about to fall is from this video:


Mickey’s scrambling towards the plane from this video from 2:05 to 2:07.


Mickey’s scream that I used is from this video:

I looped the screaming  to extend longer as Mickey’s screams is a bit long during the fall.

For the plane sound is from this video:

I find this assignment very interesting to do because I can replace the video’s original sounds into something different and mix with other sounds. It is kind of similar to the movies of having the characters being dubbed by the voice actors.

Soundbible Magic- Crazy Plane

There are many sounds that could make a movie . Especially when it comes down to cartoon movies . Which you have to think of every move the cartoon characters  are doing, to make it sound and look realistic. Multimedia sound production is an amazing tool that was brought into the Motion Graphics. That plays with two of your five sense . Your hearing and your site(seeing) , sometime time when there is no sound your mind would pick up name up sound:. And if if was your site (seeing) only your mind would create a picture to match up the sound .

However in my second take on the same sense i taken I took a different approach, I wanted my part to match up almost to everything that was going on in my 30 second sense. Which it was a lot of motion I need to match up . It was very difficult since every second was a motion that need a sound and a perfect match up with the crazy plane and my addition into the story line. Where I gotten all my sound effect was from Soundbible.

However for the second time around i chose to do the same scene i had before.  however it was a little difficult since we had to take out the soundtrack music we where using. And add the sound that were messing for from the short film. Every second  i had to add a effect to match it up what was going on in the scene. And making it more believeabe  to the audience eyes and ears, every second counts when it comes down to sound effect.

All My Sound effect come from Soundbible, which it has many amazing sound effect for almost for the project you might be working with.

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]




Cartoon Running

Cartoon Noise skid

Banana Slip 





Plane Crazy sound foley & tracks for scene 12 & 20

My 2 audio sound foley and tracks for the Plane Crazy of the 2 scenes 12 and 20.

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

The sound foley and tracks for scene 12.

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

For the sound foley and tracks of scene 20.

The sound references I used for the scenes I had posted from my previous blog post.

Sound tracks & effects from part 12 & 20

For my sound tracks for 3:50-3:59 is all used from the YouTube videos that are listed below. It is only total of five YouTube videos for just only the Plane Crazy section 3:50-3:59. It is very short for each of the section for just that 3:50-3:59 section. For each different video for the section can be use to tell a story of using different soundtracks and sound effects what will happen in process.

For the background music that I used is from the anime “Lucky Star” ost. It is used for making the mood tone to be funny.


For Minnie & Mickey’s scream is from this video:


While the plane is going high speed is from this video:


From 5:09-5:14 is the “Gundam Seed Destiny” ost. The soundtrack is from 0:33 – 0:36.


I also use the “Matilda Soundtrack” that the professor assigned to use for the Plane Crazy video from 5:06 to 5:13.