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Plane Crazy scene 20 (No Music)


The scene where Mickey and the plane about to charge towards to the ground. This version is without background music inserted. All of the sound effects were used from the YouTube videos for each section to be filled with sounds. There are some reactions and sounds will fill to tell the viewers what is happening in this scene of this video. Each of the sound videos were listed below for the parts of the actions of the scene.

When Mickey reaction and and realized that he’s about to fall is from this video:


Mickey’s scrambling towards the plane from this video from 2:05 to 2:07.


Mickey’s scream that I used is from this video:

I looped the screaming  to extend longer as Mickey’s screams is a bit long during the fall.

For the plane sound is from this video:

I find this assignment very interesting to do because I can replace the video’s original sounds into something different and mix with other sounds. It is kind of similar to the movies of having the characters being dubbed by the voice actors.

Plane Crazy 5:30-5:50 No Soundtrack

This clip presents natural sound of me along with bites from sound-bible . It was a little tricky on what to actually put but it seem to went well on the effects such as a splat or step.

Here are some of the clips I used:

Plane Crazy *No Soundtrack* 5:21- 5:30

I decided to choose the scene where mickey mouse is falling and is hitting branches on his way down.

Final Plane Crazy edit:

The sounds I used were

1. Horse shoes as tree branch

2.Cartoon clangs for the hit in the head with horseshoe

3. Metal pipes hitting ground for the plane parts

4. Coin spin on plate for the horse shoe spin (couldn’t find an alternative)

5. Body fall for when mickey hits the ground

6. Bushes

Plane crazy video [youtube][/youtube]

Plane crazy sound WITHOUT sound:[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

I learned in this project how to sync audio with video. It also helped me focus when it comes to making sound accurately match the, and something that helped me with my final project

Plane Crazy sound foley & tracks for scene 12 & 20

My 2 audio sound foley and tracks for the Plane Crazy of the 2 scenes 12 and 20.

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

The sound foley and tracks for scene 12.

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

For the sound foley and tracks of scene 20.

The sound references I used for the scenes I had posted from my previous blog post.

Sound tracks & effects from part 12 & 20

For my sound tracks for 3:50-3:59 is all used from the YouTube videos that are listed below. It is only total of five YouTube videos for just only the Plane Crazy section 3:50-3:59. It is very short for each of the section for just that 3:50-3:59 section. For each different video for the section can be use to tell a story of using different soundtracks and sound effects what will happen in process.

For the background music that I used is from the anime “Lucky Star” ost. It is used for making the mood tone to be funny.


For Minnie & Mickey’s scream is from this video:


While the plane is going high speed is from this video:


From 5:09-5:14 is the “Gundam Seed Destiny” ost. The soundtrack is from 0:33 – 0:36.


I also use the “Matilda Soundtrack” that the professor assigned to use for the Plane Crazy video from 5:06 to 5:13.


The Matilda Approach

So it looks like Deji’s choice of sound design is going to work for Plane Crazy. I think it’s a good one as it has a combination of natural sounds, and metaphoric sounds used to create comedic emphasis. Our next step is going to be to build a musical sound track to underscore the cartoon for the various scenes in Plane Crazy. Here is a scene breakdown:

  1. 0:15-0:34 Farm animals building a plane.
  2. 0:34-0:58 Mickey looking boss like Lindberg.
  3. 0:58-1:28 The animal crowd cheers Mickey at takeoff, then the failed flight.
  4. 1:28-2:12 Mickey builds a new plane from an old car and turkey feathers.
  5. 2:12-2:28 Minnie shows up and is dragged in the plane.
  6. 2:28-2:44 Dog helps the Minnie and Mickey takeoff. Mickey quickly falls out.
  7. 2:44-2:58 Mickey chased as well as cat by Minnie in out of control plane by the well.
  8. 2:58-3:08 Mickey runs after Minnie in the out of control plane toward a cow.
  9. 3:08-3:19 Minnie’s POV as plane bears down on cow.
  10. 3:19-3:43 Cow is now holding on the tail of the plane. Mickey gives chase grabbing the cows tail and utter attempting to climb back aboard. Eventually he pulls the cow off the plane, and ends up atop the cow now galloping after the plane. Mickey finally accomplishes re-boarding by pushing the cow’s tail into an outstretched neck.
  11. 3:43-3:50 Mickey jumps back in the pilot seat and Minnie so scared tries to rip his eyeballs out.
  12. 3:50-3:59 Mickey’s POV of the plane veering toward cars and telephone poles down the country road.
  13. 3:59-4:11 The plane finally pulls upward but flails wildly in the air.
  14. 4:11-4:15 The plane winds past a building steeple, which ducks out of the plane’s way.
  15. 4:15-4:37 The plane finally rights itself and begins to cruise steadily. Mickey uses this as an opportunity to try and get intimate with Minnie. She’s is not interested, so Mickey in a fit starts to fly faster.
  16. 4:37-4:46 Mickey proceeds to push the plane through a number of acrobatic maneuvers. One of which tosses Minnie out of the plane, only to be caught back in her seat midair moments later.
  17. 4:47-4:55 Mickey having terrified Minnie tries to force himself on her. She slaps him in the face.
  18. 4:55-5:00 Minnie in a fit walks off the tail of the plane falling to the ground. Mickey follows and hovers midair looking downward.
  19. 5:00-5:09 Minnie is free falling to earth when she realizes she might pop her pantaloons into a parachute. Minnie begins to float down gently.
  20. 5:09-5:14 Meanwhile Mickey hovering in midair rediscovers gravity, and leaps to catch the tail of the plane. Suddenly the plane falls into a death spiral with Mickey flapping at the end.
  21. 5:14-5:21 The plane’s point of view of the ground while spiraling toward a large tree, ends with classic “CRASH,” “BANG,” animated text.
  22. 5:21-5:30 We track down the tree watching Mickey bang into every branch as he falls to the ground. A rain of broken plane pieces hit him and finally by the good luck horseshoe Minnie had given him.
  23. 5:30-5:50 Minnie gently floats to the ground right in front of Mickey. Her pantaloons drop to her ankles which she quickly picks up causing some embarrassment. Mickey points and laughs at her, so Minnie turns flashes her rump and walks away. Mickey upset at being rejected tosses the horseshoe which like a boomerang comes back and rings him around the neck.

With all of these scenes in mind, particularly 6-23 which I think will be good to focus on as they comprise the entirety of the flight, look for objects, mechanical kids toys, etc, and bring them to class on Tuesday.

As well pick from a comedy soundtrack, likely with action a piece or two of music that you believe might work with the flight. Bring in mp3’s of soundtrack music, as we can’t work with mixed music from movies. We will test various samples with the cartoon on Tuesday.

PLANE CRAZY! 0:15- 0:45

Breakdown of 0:15 – 0:45


1. The cow walks in to farm animals working

2. Dog sawing, pig nailing, duck hammering and Pig is turning propeller.

3. Pig nailing continually hurting himself


1.Nothing changes

2. Duck walks in with a piece of wood


1. nothing changes

2. duck gets sucked in the a hole in ground, then comes out


1. two mice comes and helps out with the plane

2. one mouse applies the wings on the plane

3. same actions with the other farm animals


1. The other mouse steps back and reads the how to fly book

2. licks finger to flip pages


1. looks through book and finds a page on a man name Lindy.

Plane Crazy from 1:45 to 2:15

This post will be the explanation of the scenes from 1:45 to 2:15. Each 3 second scene will explained with facts.

1:45-1:48- Mickey picks up the propeller and puts it on the plane. The sound that we can use is more a knock if time right or even a pole knocked on a wall.

1:48-1:51- Mickey takes footsteps and walks at the back of the plane. We can use regular footsteps and just make it go more quicker like Mickey does on the screen.

1:51-1:54- Mickey picks up the wheels of the plane and moves it to his right. This can be tricky if someone can do a whistle of a noise fast and swallowing to make the sound.

1:54-1:57- Mickey picks up the back of the plane and jumps up and down with emotional. Jumping steps can be include in this part of the scene.

1:57-2:00- A chicken comes into the scene makes noise with his feet. An object of any kind used on a table for noise.

2:00- 2:03- The chicken is hitting the floor and mickey comes in silently. Finger tapping on a table can be used for that.

2:03- 2:06- Mickey pulls the feathers out of the chicken. Pulling something like a bottle or object making noise seems to fit it well on this scene.

2:06- 2:09- Chicken runs away and Mickey comes back. footsteps again for both characters.

2:09- 2:12- Mickey jumps into the plane and moves the chicken’s feathers on the back of the plane. Moving an object could make the noise on the chicken feathers.

2:12- 2:15- Mickey moves and Minnie comes into the scene. Walking steps and making a shocking noise of a person.

We should also use this style from Bugs Bunny which is pretty good in my opinion. At first when I did this project I thought it would be a little boring, but it was a good post to do. It taught me how to really dig deep into the observation of the sound design being displayed in Plane Crazy. I really understand now how it is and hope that in the future I can continue to these types of work.