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The Dream of Becoming a Song Writer ( Starring Kevin Jackson Prod by Mc Alexander S C)

There it is :

For my final I want to make a short portrait documentary. This will be my first attempt of making any type of filming, that is what excited me the most I enjoy doing challenging stuff it is a way for me to see how far I can actually push myself. The documentary will be about a friend of mine his name is Kevin Jackson, he is part of a music label called Merlot Inc. I met Kevin when I was a freshman at York College. Kevin is from the Bronx New York, growing up music always has been a part of his life. His dad use to play R&B musics. He is an English major here at York College he enjoying writing poetry. His music have a message, it have a purpose nowadays people misunderstand the Rap Culture whenever someone say rap the first thing that come in their mind is SEX, DRUG AND THUGS. The documentary will introduce him as an artist and his process recording, writing songs and also his dream of becoming a song writer.

For this documentary I will be using the Canon 60D which will allow me to shoot at 24 frames per second and also at 1080p.

For the sound recording I will use the lavalier microphone which is a small electret or dynamic microphone used for television, theatre, interview etc…

For the light & tripod:
I will need at least two lights, preferably three. A soft source of light is best for the subject, a second light for the background, and a third for either fill light, hair light, or a side light (variously called “edge”; light or “rim” light). Umbrella for the main light, but umbrellas tend to scatter light all over the place, making subtlety difficult. A softbox are much better its much easier to control to my opinion. Lightfinterviews-2

The problem that I had to face for this project was the noise, more precisely the low frequency noise.I had these noise because I do not use another to record the sounds. However I was able to remove of some it by adding a sound track to the video and also the professor show how to remove it in Pro Tools by finding which frequency the noise is coming from which was around 10k then we flipped the opposite was reduce most of the noise and also we put it to 18 DB…
One the other challenges I had to face was cutting up the audio so he what is was saying could make senses. This the first time in my life I ever had to edit or show a video. It was hard but I tried my best I have learned a lot of stuff from it such always use another device to record the audio

The video and the audio came out great I showed it to some of my friends they liked it. Overall I was able to take the stuff that I have learned during this semester such knowing the different type of microphone know their purpose. Also the sound design by adding different perspective of the sound for example I have a shot from outside where they are working on a song in the room when I got inside I changed the audio so if someone was listening only to the audio so they could know they are in the studio working on a sound or doing something else it help the audience to visualize whatever they are listening to. Overall I really liked this project and this class it helped me understand the importance or should I say the role audio play in whatever medium you are working on.

For this project I used a video Kevin already had on their Youtube channel and I extract the audio from it and I also used some of the video clip as B-ROLL

I also use music and the instrumental as a soundtrack while he is doing the interview

Another one

B-roll video

Crazy Plane Plan

I will be doing working on lines 13 and 21 for this sound design project. Line 13 which started 3:59-4:11 and line 21 which start at 5:14-5:21.

I downloaded the samples I will be using for this project:

Pro Tools
Adobe Premier Pro

Matilda sound track
Growing pipe
plane crash

Crazy Plane 13 and 21

For this project I had to use lines 13 and 21 for this sound design project. Line 13 which started 3:59-4:11 The plane finally pulls upward but flails wildly in the air and line 21 which start at 5:14-5:21 The plane’s point of view of the ground while spiraling toward a large tree, ends with classic “CRASH,” “BANG,” animated text…

Matilda sound track
Growing pipe
plane crash


From the beginning of the semester until now I have learned  a few things  such was what is an audio file, including the file type, the file’s length in bytes, the length in sample frames of the audio data contained in the file, and the format of the audio data. I’m not expert but I kind have an idea of how sound works. Also I learned how to use different audio equipements  recorders such as the Marrantz or the Zoom H2N and the use of different type of microphone such as lavalier mic. However I feel like I still have alot more to learn about frequency, sample frames of an audio and how to record a good audio.

One the thing Im looking forward to learn how to do a good remove recording because I’m really into film making learning how to do these stuff will be great. Learning the equipment and skills I need to have a great knowledge of sound recording in order for my film to be great. Audio is something that we take for granted in filmm. In every movie that I seen, I never thought the audio playing such a big role in filmmaking until I took this class.audio3

This is a perfect sound recording class, I’m just starting out I’m hoping to learn a lot more. I already got a great HDDSLR camera and a nice lens, but all I need right now is to be more focus on the class and to more research own my own. I need to do more independent works in order to apply those skills that I have learned during the first quarter of this semester.
Sound is very important not to say it is more important than the video.

Secret Love Calls

For this project I wanted to make a phone conversation between two individual a man and a woman.
They have a secret relationship because the woman already I have a man. I gave the impression the man was outside listening to music when his phone rings. Before the conversation start you can hear the birds, dog cars driving away.etc…I gave more detail on my previous post

All I did for this project I arranged the sounds on where I wanted to them to come in and started mixing from there. I put 2 filters on the Haitian song and panned it to the left. To give it the effect of being further away. I put compressors on the wind and birds sample to stop the peaks they were giving as well as the truck. On the truck sample I put the Doppler plugin from Waves to make it go from the left to right ear. On the female voice I added a filter and cut the lows and hi’s to give it the phone effect and panned it to the left to make it seem as if you put the phone to your left ear.

I also used and equalizer on the male voice and the female as well as compression. I did not make any change to the man voice I did not add a filter.

I also added some automation on certain tracks to turn them up and down when I wanted to like the wanito song. How it turns down before you pick up the phone. To get the sound of phone I recorded the ringtone from my friend iPhone and added that sample in as well.

That’s pretty much everything I did. I worked on it for about an hour in a half to 2 hours before bouncing it in pro tools.

Here’s the audio down below!

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The things that I used:

Marrantz recorder
Two Lavaliers microphne
Sony headphones

Credits from

The music that I used in the project Bezwen yon mennaj by Wanito

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Sound Design: conversation and Transformers trailer

I will have it sounding like someone is outside or inside of a house listening to music, then the phone rings and the person pick up and have the conversation. The concept could be the person sitting on a porch relaxing listening to music on a nice day. You hear the wind blow, the birds chirp, and the music playing in the background. The phone rings and you hear the ring and vibrator go off and you pick up to start to have the conversation. One person voice will sound regular but the other  persons voice will sound like its over the phone. I would leave the music playing while the people are talking, just turn it down a little.

Things that I will need :


Shot gun microphone

Pro Tools 10

Two subjects.


For the Second It will a little more complicated I wanted to recreate the sound design of the Transformer trailer. I will download the video from Youtube and convert it into MP3 then using samples of robots and metal sounds explosion people screaming sounds from I already downloaded about 12 sounds.

Things that I will need

Pro Tools

Video from Youtube/MP3
[youtube][/youtube]For my sound design I will be working on two different project. One will be more easier than the other I want to create a conversation over the phone with two different perspective.

: for



Marantz Review


The Marantz to me is one of the best audio record we have in the studio I will tell you why. Just by looking at it you get the impression it was made to record audio from war it is very robust but yet portable. Overall the built quality, they did very great job. People like me who are not too cautions with their equipments can definitely buy this recorder. Because it handled extremely humid conditions, occasionally getting wet, and lots of physical abuse which I don’t suggest. It allow you to record :professional handheld PCM / MP3 recorder, the PMD661 recorder from Marantz offers a streamlined form factor, and the use of SD flash media.
Let’s not forget about the battery, the Matantz PMD660 have an long incredible battery life it can last up to 4 hours of recording and a 48V phantom power. The Marantx PMD660 also have a Built-in microphone which I would not use to professional use.

This unit met my needs for recording there are a lot of features that I probably will never use. This is perfect to use with a boom for those longer day shoots where you need to be on the move.Im planning on using it for the main audio capture device on set for independent film production that I will be working on starting next year. It is simple to use, has no moving parts and overall it does a very nice job.

I have basically all I needed to know from this guy



Trasformers 3 “Dark of the Moon” Sound Design

[youtube][/youtube]This article is about the sound design of the movie Transformers As supervising sound editors for theTransformers films, Ethan Van der Ryn and Erik Aadahl had to decide. The challenge is how to tell a story with sound, says Van der Ryn . “We wanted to combine organic with synthetic, because these robots are a synthesis of those two worlds.” ( youtube:Transformers 3 “Dark of the Moon” Sound Design”).

It reminds me of the  transformers 80s animated series   the sound designer  developed a discreet set of noises for each robot by combining synthetic tones with an array of real-life clicks, clangs and whirrs.  Car door slamming became booming Transformer footsteps.

Most of the robots have unusual noises,  for example they have to used bees they putted them in a cup and actually put the microphone inside of the cup to record the buzzing sound. And also they use dry ice on metal it sound like a giant steel celllo  which was pretty cool and very creative.

First time watching this movie I thought these sound were actually the sound of crashing cars but now I realize some of these sounds are really simple they are created by the smallest things around us.


I want to record environmental sounds like singing birds, friyng eggs , water running through a streambed, or  flushing the toilet different aspects of natural sounds. Basically I try to tell a story just by recording the sound of the things I do around the house.  I would probably start   by recording early in the morning the birds are very vocal, then the alarm going off, the sound of someone getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, get the foot step, then the sound of opening the door, the sound of the person urinaning, then flushing the toilet etc….Basicaly that kind of thing.  I would use a very directional mic for this project.  After researching I found It would be a great advantage because these type of mic can rejects off-axis sounds so you can point the mic element at the kinds of sounds you’re seeking and reduce the overall environmental sound field.


Things I would need to record the  nature sounds.

1) A recording device, like a  Marrantz.
2 I would use a long  shotgun
3) Headphones for listening to what I will be recording

4) Mono recording,

5) MP3



The mic that I signed out this weekend it did not work, I had to use another microphone. The sounds did not come out the way I wanted them to, I tried to use the internal mic  I could hear everything from the background I had to work with what I have . Therefore instead of trying to tell  a story,  I will make a beat out of the sounds that I recorded this week end. I’m still on working on the beat it is not done yet I should have something by next class. I will be  using Avid Pro Tools Im still learning the software hopefuly I will get something good.






Instead of trying to tell a story by collection sound around my house I decided to make a beat with the sounds that I recorded. For this assignement I used a Marrantz recorder and a regular mic( I will post the name later) . With the help of my friend Steeven William we tried to create sample beats with everything that was around us table, stepping on the floor,snapping my fingers, clapping my hand , then we went to the bathroom because I wanted to have the sound of the a flushing toilet and me laughing in the bathroom It created an echo effect I thought that was pretty cool. Everything sounded okay then I realized I could also everything that was going in the background. I did not have a shoot gun mic it was not such a big problem because I knew I could  fix  in processing.  After collecting the sounds for about two hours we uploaded the sounds to Pro Tools then  cutted all the unwanted sounds. In order to the get the rhythm right I used metronome it is a tool that allow musicians to create rhythms accurately. The rhythum is measured by beats-per-minute (BPM) for this project we used 85 bmp. Once in pro tool I removed the static and unwanted sounds that I didnt need and aligned them then looped them so we could have a flull beat for about 1 minute instead of it being only a couple secounds.

Down below are the samples and the final beat.



Zoom H2n

Zoom H2N review Looking at it from away, the H2n digital audio recorder could be mistaken for a mic, it is shaped like a microphone . It also qualifies as a versatile microphone in its own right. Zoom have  four separate setting to enable M/S, X-Y, two channel and four channel surround sound.  The Zoom allow you to format your  Audio file from low-quality MP3s all the way up to 24-bit, 96kHz WAV files, and recordings are saved on SD card. I enjoyed working with the ZOOM H2N,  in the future if I want  to experience  M/S recording, this would be a great way  to go. I used all of the setting but what I really enjoyed using was the  Mid-side mode it sound seem to be mono and also the Y-Y stereo you can pick a lot of the room noise that might not be desirable for some people. I used it over the week end I didn’t get the chance to use the microphone that I had for some reason it didn’t allow me to. Over I think this is a quick and easy to use recording device.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]