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Final Audio Project

My final project I did is based on a holiday mix since Christmas is almost here. The project is composed of the 6 best moments in my opinion for The Raymond Mora Sports Show with co-hosts and guests. I used audacity and my shows that I have done throughout the semester. It was a pretty long process because I had to choose if i should do 10 or 5. The 6 best moments were better based on it being close to the sample unless if I done a loop.

Here is the audio project and the sample I used for the background music credit to ESPN DJ Steve Porter. This particular DJ is very good and has come catchy moments during his mix. I chose to do it this way because it made it seem like it was a live radio show and it be fun to when you know what you are talking about.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

(00:08- Number Six)- This moment was in the first show and its about the New York Giants and the struggles they had. The season was pretty early at the time and being 0-3 didn’t really help a lot.

(00:37- Number Five)- Second Show was shared with a co-host name Bryan White. Giants continue to struggle and Bryan, a giants fan talks about that. There was a lot of emotion and laughing but it shows that we had a good talk.

(00:59- Number Four)- This moment discusses the Knicks upcoming season and evaluating players that need to step up in order to take the next level. Iman Shumpert, Shooting Guard for the Knicks was being discussed and how much he needs to improve for the team to be successful.

(01:23- Number Three)- The show with guest Ashley Oken discussed the point guards against the Knicks since Center Tyson Chandler is out for an extended period of time. It was a funny moment because I was talking about point guards in the NBA scoring at will since the Knicks lack in help defense.

(01:45- Number Two)- Me, Bryan and new co-host Satish Ram discuss the star or superstar treatment that other players get in the NBA. It was a heated argument that can go on and on plus it provide some good details on the difference between a star and superstar.

(02:20- Number One)- The crew talks about the struggles of the Knicks including point guard Raymond Felton and some possible replacements for that position. I went emotional on the lack of consistency for Felton and they told me about some hate toward Felton. The player Kyle Lowry was part of the discussion as well.

These are the moments and I really enjoyed doing the project. Being able to make a mix even if it wasn’t like the sample made me think how hard it is to make an excellent one. DJ’s and mixers really know how to match and flow with the music. I have been doing my radio show for almost 2 years and I always try to improve on with each show.

To be able to talk about sports and trying to put some humor is quite challenging without outlining the show and getting a good script. This is a pretty great mix I thought even if its not like the sample, but overall it was a great project to do and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


My Back-up Project Idea

My other project idea is basically taking off a segment of my show and putting in the most detail moments. Its more of a trim and it is pretty much challenge. I was going to put my whole 30 minutes of my show with effects, but it would be too long.

Here is my latest show on the Raymond Mora Sports Show. We discuss the New York Sports Teams, Knicks and Nets Match-up and NFL Picks. The Knicks struggle and structuring teams on a certain star. Also we ended it with NFL Picks.

Apparently I have to embed the video from spreaker and need a widget, but this the link and podcast to YCRADIO.

Individual Project Update

My latest update on my sound project involves either a segment or a holiday mix of the best moments in my show along with an intro music. Now the holiday mix with the best moments will probably be top 5 or some bites and trying to make the bites rhythm so it will make sense with the music. It is kind of tough but it is still a work in progress . Here a link of something I would want to do and with sample this theme into my show.

I will put up my other back up project if this one doesn’t go based on the difficulties in another post.


Plane Crazy 5:30-5:50 No Soundtrack

This clip presents natural sound of me along with bites from sound-bible . It was a little tricky on what to actually put but it seem to went well on the effects such as a splat or step.

Here are some of the clips I used:

Plane Crazy from 1:45 to 2:15

This post will be the explanation of the scenes from 1:45 to 2:15. Each 3 second scene will explained with facts.

1:45-1:48- Mickey picks up the propeller and puts it on the plane. The sound that we can use is more a knock if time right or even a pole knocked on a wall.

1:48-1:51- Mickey takes footsteps and walks at the back of the plane. We can use regular footsteps and just make it go more quicker like Mickey does on the screen.

1:51-1:54- Mickey picks up the wheels of the plane and moves it to his right. This can be tricky if someone can do a whistle of a noise fast and swallowing to make the sound.

1:54-1:57- Mickey picks up the back of the plane and jumps up and down with emotional. Jumping steps can be include in this part of the scene.

1:57-2:00- A chicken comes into the scene makes noise with his feet. An object of any kind used on a table for noise.

2:00- 2:03- The chicken is hitting the floor and mickey comes in silently. Finger tapping on a table can be used for that.

2:03- 2:06- Mickey pulls the feathers out of the chicken. Pulling something like a bottle or object making noise seems to fit it well on this scene.

2:06- 2:09- Chicken runs away and Mickey comes back. footsteps again for both characters.

2:09- 2:12- Mickey jumps into the plane and moves the chicken’s feathers on the back of the plane. Moving an object could make the noise on the chicken feathers.

2:12- 2:15- Mickey moves and Minnie comes into the scene. Walking steps and making a shocking noise of a person.

We should also use this style from Bugs Bunny which is pretty good in my opinion. At first when I did this project I thought it would be a little boring, but it was a good post to do. It taught me how to really dig deep into the observation of the sound design being displayed in Plane Crazy. I really understand now how it is and hope that in the future I can continue to these types of work.

Radio Show Breakdown

I’m going to do research on sports having radio show rundown sheets. Most of that can come from ESPN radio shows such as Mike and Mike, Colin Cowherd, Ryan Rocco and Stephen A. Smith, The Michael Kay Show, etc. After that is done I want to see if I can rebuild one. Rebuilding from this segment or doing a mix from a radio show is pretty challenging as well.

Also I will try to break down the content of a three minute segment into four categories:

Voice (radio host or announcer talking)

SOT (sound on tape – prerecorded pieces interview, game audio, picks, etc.)

Music(Intro or something related to NBA, MLB or NFL)

Effects(small time effects like a clip or a noise)

It is a work in progress but with the tools I have in the radio station along with me doing my show every Thursday, it should not be a problem. I will keep you update every week on the progress with the show. Trying to this segment can be kind of trick even if its kind of a mix but it is a good challenge to do. I hope by the end of this experience I can really understand the hard work it takes to either make a good segment or mix from this type of breakdown.

Self Evaluation

This semester I wanted to learn sound production and know the tools. I feel like I learned a lot more about sound than I ever did. It took time and effort to understand the terms for sound whether its frequency, amplitude, channels, filters or even mic gain. There are others terms that I know were hard to figure out as the semester was going on, but it made me understand the usage of sound in specific areas. The tools such a Marantz recorder or a Zoom recorder really made me look at recording in a different way. The old recorder along with the new one seems to have change over the decades.

The cables provided by the names that i didn’t know until this semester. The XLR cables based on length and usage is something very useful and knowledgeable in the production environment. The mixing part of it seems to be easy and more of a thinking process when looking at tutorials. The tutorials are excellent because most of it is self-explanatory and it shows how to use a tool to its potential. Sound designs focus alot on technology and natural effects. Looking at some of the movies like Star Wars it made me fully understand what it takes to make a sound be realistic to the movie. Although I reach the middle part of the class, I can’t wait to learn more and understand the necessary steps to a good sound when it comes to production.

Radio show update with sound effects

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

It actually made it seem like a real outside radio show that had some background effects. These effects came from this website being posted here with a link

This link has most of the sound effects that made it seem realistic. while they also show how to get them, there was a manual being presented with the audacity and it help with multiple sounds. It was tricky at first but you get use to it as audacity is a great program to have. Enjoy the 1 minute and 23 seconds of a glimpse to my first show this semester.