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Paul Walker Bipolar Side

So for my final project I did a short trailer with Paul Walker.  And took some clips from the second film  Fast and Furious. I take some clips where Paul was acting either serious or very funny. In put them together and made as the movie was him being bipolar throughout the whole way.

My favorite part was adding the voices. I ask my cousin Carlos , to do the voices with deep voice. Which  I found very hilarious since we always doing these silly voices. And I incorporated them into the scenes  where they have titled in them. I also added a car tires squealing into one of the scenes, where i gotten my sound from Soundbible. I also added a child screaming in of the part of the trailer, which i also gotten it from Soundbible.

I wanted my trailer to be short and funny and gets to the point. And I had a choice to added another character but I felt like Walker , had many funny scenes in the movies without even trying to be funny. Which it come out naturally. And I focus more on the sounds then they clips because I wanted to show that I had learned something in this class.    Which it wasn’t so focusing on the trailer just the sound.since I have not yet taken a course on moving pictures. So i wouldn’t have much knowledge on making a good trailer .

What I learned from doing this project time is the key when you are adding any sound to any film. If you don’t have nail down with the moving picture or is off by inch it throws out the whole scene off. Which sound is the main course for making your project come to live . I also learn that you could control the volume, while you have it embed into your project . Also what i learn from re-doing the project again was volume is the key point.

This is the first video i did


This is the second one I made with all the comments i was giving.

List of the voices

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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On November 30, 2013, Paul Walker passed away from speed , just like his movie Fast and Furious. above his one of his quote  and the aftermath of the accident he was in. R.I.P Paul Walker

Quote “If one day the speed would kill me, don’t cry for me. Because I was smiling”


Slow & Furious Final

For my final project , I change it up once again from the help of Michael. My project would content a trailer from of Fast and Furious. Since Fast and Furious trailers have many action and thriller. I wanted to strip out the content of that idea and make it as a enjoy full ride to their destination  . However I study the movie Little Miss Sunshine trailer , which in their trailer, it started with a story and certain clips it showed some of the ride experiences that was taken place.

However for this sound project it would be a very excitement , and enjoyable since Fast and Furious is all about living in a fast pace and racing . But my trailer is going to all about the Slow and Furious. Some of my sound would prolly come out of Little Miss Sunshine trailer. However I would also pull out some musical sound for other place as well.
Recently one of the main character has passed away Paul Walker, this project would be a very touchy project to do. Since has of the movie was about him. I’m going to end my my clip was a memory of Paul Walker.


Here are some of the idea I’m trying to aim for

Soundbible Magic- Crazy Plane

There are many sounds that could make a movie . Especially when it comes down to cartoon movies . Which you have to think of every move the cartoon characters  are doing, to make it sound and look realistic. Multimedia sound production is an amazing tool that was brought into the Motion Graphics. That plays with two of your five sense . Your hearing and your site(seeing) , sometime time when there is no sound your mind would pick up name up sound:. And if if was your site (seeing) only your mind would create a picture to match up the sound .

However in my second take on the same sense i taken I took a different approach, I wanted my part to match up almost to everything that was going on in my 30 second sense. Which it was a lot of motion I need to match up . It was very difficult since every second was a motion that need a sound and a perfect match up with the crazy plane and my addition into the story line. Where I gotten all my sound effect was from Soundbible.

However for the second time around i chose to do the same scene i had before.  however it was a little difficult since we had to take out the soundtrack music we where using. And add the sound that were messing for from the short film. Every second  i had to add a effect to match it up what was going on in the scene. And making it more believeabe  to the audience eyes and ears, every second counts when it comes down to sound effect.

All My Sound effect come from Soundbible, which it has many amazing sound effect for almost for the project you might be working with.

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]




Cartoon Running

Cartoon Noise skid

Banana Slip 






Since my first two audios did not work well with the project . I added a theme song from pink panther in one for the sense as well adding some another sound effect from soundbible.
Where I added from 2:58-3:00 pink panther theme song is were one of the cartoon character  is going around the around in circle trying to figure about where is Mickey.
Another feature I added was the sound effect for a door closing  action that is also being 2:58-3:00 of the video . In those second there is as little clip where one of the characters closes  the door

After that scene it jumps right into the airplane going out of control and heading toward the cow which  i added a cow sound that was MOO with a hearing of a bell sound the indicates that the cow is alarm of the solution plus what might an airplane might sound during the scene. Another

Also the sound effect for the airplane  which Mickey is driving . Giving us a sense that the airplane is making noise . As well when minnie screaming in the fact that she is in danger

However in my second section it  was basic  more about the airplane going crazy. from 4:37 to 4:46


Mickey Mouse Plane

Breakdown and my tackle from 4:15-4:45

4:15- 4:25

Micky Mouse is trying to charm Minnie . while  Mickey Mouse was flying the airplane.


Mickey  was trying to get a hug from Minnie but she was not having it, then he tries to kiss her, she did not like it as well.

4:35 – 4:45

Mickey did not like the response from Minnie, so he decide to fly the airplane crazy which he was going upside down as well as in circles . which was making her go out of seat then back to her seat.

Final Project

For my final project i would like to create a mix audio. Since i love fast cars and the noising that the make. I would like to create a car chase that includes police sirens and car shifting  gears. Where i am getting some of my audio samples are from soundable  , which I’m getting shifting changes and polices sirens from. However i still want to use one my audio that i used for one of my project before. Since I’m doing a car chase i need a setting where i could start some of my actions add.

Throughout the audio , i am going to give a story. One why the car chase ever started,Which  my audience is going to understand from the start to finish what is going on. without being puzzled

Here are some of the audio that i am or might use, do not want to give so much away.





During this Semester, i have learned many new things about audio. Which would help me in my career. I learned sounds is one of the main component that would make your movie or video more interested. Would catch audience attention depending on what project your are working for. Another thing i learned was frequency and amplitudes, which helps producers focus on how high or distances is the audio. What i enjoy doing this semester was mixing my audio, which i had to be a very good listener in order to grasp what i am looking for and knowing where i would like to add other tracks. Another learning expression i had was, learning how to use a recorder  for the first time ever. The Zoom h2n is a very good audio equipment if you are learning how to use a recorder for the first time. This class made me think outside the box as well as thinking like sound producer , making those decision in a short of period of time.

Other cool thing i learned is, sounds is another way of telling a story without using no words, or  motion pictures.  Sound is mechanical wave which also helps many people with storytelling or even getting them around safety. Without sounds there won’t be a powerful message behind a story.


Car Passing by

I revised the audio from my previous  project . The sound effect i added was a car passing by into my original audio. Which i gotten the short audio file from Soundbible. Which it was a very difficult project to do since audacity , is very limited on  their equipment. However this audio  gives you a little of a Transformers type of energy , when the car is passing by it giving an amplitude , which the car is heading towards your direction as well you could hear the volume for the car distancing itself from your position.


[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Fast Line

The recording I use from this project was the recording i did in the Cross Bronx Highway. While choosing which audio i wanted to use for this assignment. I thought of the recent post I put  up about making the sound effect for the movie Transformers. How they collage all the recording and mash it all into one huge sound effect. I decided to mash up some of other sounds i found in Soundbible  into my audio. I want the listener to feel what they hear, without having physical  visual. i was messing around with the right and left speakers, how audacity was give me little difficult on the mac.

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]