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Live entertainment on the subway…or is it?

For the final project, I chose to create a sound mix of acoustic music and surrounding sounds to convince my listeners into believe that this recording is a live entertainment session on the NYC subway. In the link above, the sound mix is a short acoustic song by the popular punk rock, Paramore. The Paramore song is used is called “Interlude: Moving On“, which is featured on their latest self-titled album. But instead of me using the produced version, I discovered for a Ukelele Version by Marilyn White. For the subway sounds in the background, I used the audio of video I found on YouTube called “NYC train ride through Brooklyn“. At the beginning of creating the final project, I recorded my own subway ride but it wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to so I chose to look on Soundbible for some assistance but that was also a fail as well. As for looking for the right song to use, I tried look for a simple song that involved just one instrument that most subway musicians carry around, so that I can, again, fool my listeners. For creating the entire sound mix, I used Audacity at first but it wasn’t coming the way I wanted it to so I chose to use Pro-Tools instead.

Fake Applause The clapping when the song is finished playing.

Shopping Mall Ambiance The sounds of people walking in and out of the train at the stops.

For the final project, it was fun for me in a way because it was freelance and it was something that I did out of my own creativty. In my opinion, I feel I accomplished the goal I was aiming for with this project. I got 3 listeners so far to listen to my project and before I told them that it was a sound mix, they really believed that Paramore was actually on the train playing their music on the train for the public. In the beginning, I was actually going to sing the lyrics and record it myself but I’m really not that good vocally so I chose to use the actual song instead. I think that this is something that I would do more in my free time outside of school and because I am a Communications Technology major, I learned more about, specifically in sound mixing, using other applications other than GarageBand to create the sound mixes.

Plane Crazy – Scene 6 (NO MUSIC!)

In the video clip below, I revised the audio design for scene 6 of Walt Disney’s classic cartoon “Plane Crazy“. The revised audio design for the scene doesn’t include background music so there’s no emotion in this clip. The scene is 16 second segment of the cartoon, which is from 2:28 to 2:44. Scene 6 is the scene where Mickey pulls Minnie into his plane, the dog wraps around the propellers and starts the plane and then the plane bumps into a huge rock and Mickey falls out the plane and the plane is still going and then he gets up and starts running after it. For the creation of the revised sound clip, I used Pro-Tools to mix the sounds up to make sure that I got the sound to the exact moment I wanted it to. After the sound mixing, I exported the video clip into a QuickTime video and uploaded it onto YouTube. The video is below here:

For finding the sounds for the revised video clip, I went to Soundbible and looked for mostly animation sounds to go along with actions that were happening in the video clip. The sounds that I used and where in the clip exactly I used the sound for, are listed here below:

1. Banana Peel Slip (The sound was used for when Minnie was slipping on the plane being pulled into her seat)

2. Large Thump Or Bump (The sound was used for when Minnie fell into her seat entering the plane and when Mickey fell out of the plane when the plane crashed into the huge rock)

3. Car Brake Crash (The sound was used for when Mickey’s plane crashed into the huge rock while still in transmission)

4. Swooshing (The sound was used for the dog’s action of wrapping his body around the plane’s propeller to start up the engine)

5. Sewing Machine (The sound was used for the plane’s engine sound; the sound was mixed with another sound titled “Yak Propeller Plane” for the engine to sound more convincing)

6. Tires Squealing (The sound was used for the plane’s tires screeching on the road while it was still in transmission)

7. Yak Propeller Plane (The sound was used for the plane’s engine sound; the sound was mixed with another sound titled “Sewing Machine” for the engine to sound more convincing)

Making this sound design revision was a pretty fun experience. This was my first time ever working with sound design for an animation or feature film in general. I never knew how revised sounds and voices worked for films already made until now. I think I can definitely see myself doing this later in the future, but not just for work wise, but in my spare time for fun. With more practice and professional help, I can improve more on the timing on sounds in general, which was my biggest flaw in the sound revision.

Adding more ideas to recording a train ride…

For the final project, my initial ideas revolved around recording myself walking into a subway and taking a train ride to different destinations. I still plan on doing this but I decided to add a little more of something else. My plan now is to record myself singing with a Zoom H2N handy microphone/recorder in a quiet room and then adding a recording of an acoustic guitar along with the singing. And after I got those two recordings, I’m going to record a background noise of a train ride with people talking and the train bells for different stops. So the plan with this project in all would be of myself singing on the train in front of people like the musicians that come on the train playing music hoping to get coins or dollar bills from the riders (which isn’t what I’m actually going to do because I’m not confident) but its what I want my listeners to believe.

As for the song, I thought of covering an acoustic song I know by one of my favorite rock bands, Paramore. The song is called “Movin’ On”, it’s a minute and a half long and is just vocals and acoustic guitar. The inspiration for this recording came from when I was taking a train ride a few days ago and I was still thinking of more ideas with this project because a train ride isn’t something that would test my creativity. A person came on the train and started singing for the public hoping to get coins from people and I thought to myself “What if I added my vocals to my project”. I think I’ll be able to pull this off. The link below is the song I will be covering.

Plane CRAZY!!!

Breakdown of 3:15 – 3:45


1. The cow is running from Minnie’s out-of-control plane

2. The plane gains up on the cow

3. The plane ends going under the running cow


1. The cow is hanging from the plane while its still out of control

2. Mickey runs after the out-of-control plane to save the cow

3. Mickey pulls the cow’s udder and milk gets splashed on him and he falls


1. Mickey gets up and runs after the plane again

2. Mickey grabs the cow’s udders and gets splashed with milk again

3. Mickey falls again and gets back up again


1. Mickey grabs for the cow’s tail

2. Mickey finally pulled the cow off the plane

3. The cow back on its feet and running in the same direction of the plane and Mickey is top of the cow


1. Mickey moves to the top of the cow’s head while its moving

2. Mickey tries to reach for the plane while the cow is still running behind it

3. Mickey gets angry


1. Mickey runs to the back of the cow

2.  Mickey pushes in the cow’s tail and the cow’s neck extended to the back of the plane

3. Mickey runs on to the plane

Above is a clip from the 1996 film “Matilda”. This scene is where Ms. Trunchbull is trying to find the people who broke into her house, which was Matilda and Miss Honey. I chose this clip because in the scene, you can hear extra melodramatic and sort-of comedic sound designs to make the scene seem more funny and unrealistic. From watching the clip, you can notice that the sound designers were looking for comedic approach when it came to the audio of this scene and I noticed it sort of represents the comedic sound design for my second breakdown for Mickey Mouse’s “Plane Crazy” clip.


Evaluation time!!!

During this semester of CT 244, I learned a lot of things containing audio and sound when it comes to recording. I can’t say that I have a full understanding of how sounds work just yet but I’m still working on it and adjusting to it more and more as I hear about in class. There were some things about making and recording sounds that I never knew or learned about until now. One of the things I learned about making sounds is the choices I make distance from the sound maker (yourself) to the recorder that you’re using. My first recording for the class had to do with distance actually and that was really fun for me.  I got to go in the hallway and yell and scream like a crazy person and it was really fun. It was the first time I learned about distance from the recording microphone and I used the Zoom H2N handy microphone/recorder. My second recording was with the same handy microphone/recorder and that’s when I learned the polar pattern technique. The recording was my entire bus ride to school, which I have to admit made me feel out of my comfort zone because people were looking me weird with the recorder in my hand but at the same time was pretty fun. The recording featured every sound in my surrounding during the whole 45 minute trip. You heard the buses, people conversating and vehicles passing by. I got a better understanding of the Marantz audio recorder doing the video tutorial with my partner Jordan. I never used that recorder before that. I will admit it was pretty difficult solving how to use it but we laughed at ourselves when we realized how easy it was to record.  For the understanding of sound’s impact of storytelling, I’m starting to get a better understanding of the facts. For example, I listened to a scene from “Scream 2” with my eyes closed, and I was understanding the mood and emotion of the scene of what was happening more than I was watching it. My favorite recorders right now are the Marantz and Zoom H2N. These recorders are very handy and don’t need much of power for use. As for blending tracks, I’m still pretty new to that. I blended my recording of the trip to school with a few loops from Garage Band and added it to Audacity to make seem more of like a morning adrenaline to wake up and get to where you have to be, which is exactly was the original recording was about. I’m not exactly a pro at Garage Band and Audacity but I can say the track came out pretty good and it made its emotion and mood factor pretty well. I used a bunch of edgy rock basses and effects from Garage Band to add to the emotion of recording so that my listeners will get the intense mood that I was directing towards and to make sure the timing was just right.

Wake Up (REMIX!)

For this recording, I decided to use my recording of the morning trip to school, which involved leaving my house with other sounds surrounding. After that, I searched for a few sound to blend in with the sounds to make it more intense. I looked on this application on my MacBook Pro called “Garage Band” and searched for a few loops and audios to blend in with my sound to make it just right. I fooled with it at first but then when I found some sort of edgy rock sounds, the idea hit me. The mood that I wanted to create was something to get someone’s adrenaline pumping as if they were getting ready to work out. Sort of like someone’s morning start. Once I blended the sounds together, it came out just right. I really love rock and punk music so I thought of sort of a Nike Playlist when it came to creating this audio. This was my first time using Audacity so I’m not really familiar of this. I’m not used to blending tracks so I really did the best that could. I think there could’ve been more I could add to it but its only a 30 second clip so I didn’t want to overdo it. This is something I can definitely get used to. I’m going to give another try real soon.

The secrets behind the sound designing for “Toy Story”…

During the making of “Toy Story 2”, the sound designer was being very creative when it came to the making of the sounds in the movie. The sound designer, Gary Rydsrom. main objective when it came to the sounds was to make the animation seem more real. The movie is about real-life talking toys so he wanted the toys more alive and out there.  As for the sounds in the movie that made the toys seem more alive, Gary Rydsrom used actual toy sounds. Every beep or electronic voice you hear from a toy in the movie is an actual toy but just recorded to convince the audience that they’re hearing it from the toys and not just a plain audio from anywhere.

The big difference I realized from the video I watched about “Kung Fu Panda” is that the sound designer had the dialogue from the 19 actors voices recorded which drove the animation to get what they needed. Then after that it came to the sound designer matching up the voices with the motion picture given to him. Instead of using items on a string to make whooshing sounds, Gary used sounds from items that purpose with the movie. In the Toy Story video, Gary used high-tech sound instruments and a recording studio and the sound designers for Kung Fu Panda just used an empty sort-of cleaned theater to make their sounds. In my opinion, Toy Story took more hard work and dedication get that job done.

The inventions of the karate sounds for “Kung Fu Panda”


The video “Recording Whooshes for Kung Fu Panda” demonstrates how the sound team recording different types whoosh-ing sounds for the animation film “Kung Fu Panda”. The Sound Team stated that they used different items and tied them onto a string, swinging it around. They used a hairbrush, a jagged metal piece, a spatula, a harmonica, a skirt, a bamboo stick and tennis racket by themselves and a bungee cord from different distances. I learned that the sound teams used different speeds of swinging the items in front of the microphone to create the effect of whether the recording was for swing, kick or punch and to convince the viewers of what exactly they are hearing which is what I got an understanding of from Thursday’s class notes. I’ve seen this movie once in my life and I never knew how sounds (not the vocies) for the movie were created. The sound designers were very creative when it came to inventing these. I originally thought that the whooshing sounds were just sounds the actors made with their mouths but I was sure proved wrong.

The ideas of recording every surrounding sound when riding the train

The ideas for my project revolves around recording in the subway and taking train to different destinations. The microphone I plan on using for my recording is a condenser microphone and recorder. Condenser microphones work better for recording the rumbles, the roars, the clicks and the horns. I was researching the best microphones for train recording and I happen to come past this blog discussion trend on The user “gobbl3gook” was searching for voice type microphones that pick up more than his voice and the train riders’ voices. The user “chico” answered his question by stating that he should use a condenser microphone to pick up more sounds.

Marantz PMD-670 CompactFlash Stereo Portable Recorder (video tutorial)

For this video right here, me and my partner Jordan Thomas did a video tutorial of the Marantz PMD-670 CompactFlash Stereo Portable Recorder. The tutorial includes me and my partner, Jordan Thomas describing the use of the Marantz Portable Recorder. We covered the main aspects of the recorder and we made an example by recording our voices for a short time period. This tutorial was my first time ever doing anything like this. At first, we couldn’t really solve how to use the recorder because we weren’t familiar with this device whatsoever. We laughed ourselves when we finally figured out because it was so simple and I guess we couldn’t see it because the device complicates itself with all the button it requires for anyone to even use it.  This was actually fun to do because it took me out of my comfort zone and I was so ready to give up on this entire project. It was something I felt was so challenging but got so simple when I realized what we were doing wrong the entire time. The Marantz recorder became my favorite device after we did this tutorial and its a device I plan to use in the near future being that I know how to operate it now.