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Final Audio Project: The Hit

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

For my audio project, I decided to do a mix up with a bunch of sounds that I got from both YouTube and freesound, and make a story out of them. The program I used to attempt this was Pro Tools 10. I do not know how I came up with the idea. A friend of mine was watching The Untouchables, and just thought of the idea of me working for Al Capone.

The Plot: A hitman is hired to kill a wealthy man, to cut off the court case put towards Al Capone (The man who orders the hit). He is to kill this man, show proof, then flee the scene, ensuring no witnesses. I plan to work more on this to where he blows up the house, drives away, then get killed by a different hitman who was hired by the same Al Capone, because he was serious when he said “No Witnesses”. Should be fun. Anyway enjoy!

I loved working on this. This project gave me a better understanding with Pro Tools  and really helped me connect with the creative side of me. I was able to use sounds that was totally unrelated and combine them into a story. My end results of the project is great, to me, but want to work on it more. Got a lot of positive feedback, and I plan to continue mixing.

Sound Links: assembling gun,  Aggressive DogDog cry ,Rainwalking on grass, car pulling off,  car pulling over, gate, sidewalk, radio show, marimba, car door, chains, reload, maid, shower, snap photo

Final Project Idea

For my final project I decided to create a story with sound. I want to use a bunch of different sounds that is obvious to what is going on in the piece but want to give the listeners the privilege to vision the scenario. I will be using both pro tools (for when I am in the lab) and audacity (for when I am at home) to work on this.

here’s an example on what I plan on working on. This is should be fun!

Plane Crazy *No Soundtrack* 5:21- 5:30

I decided to choose the scene where mickey mouse is falling and is hitting branches on his way down.

Final Plane Crazy edit:

The sounds I used were

1. Horse shoes as tree branch

2.Cartoon clangs for the hit in the head with horseshoe

3. Metal pipes hitting ground for the plane parts

4. Coin spin on plate for the horse shoe spin (couldn’t find an alternative)

5. Body fall for when mickey hits the ground

6. Bushes

Plane crazy video [youtube][/youtube]

Plane crazy sound WITHOUT sound:[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

I learned in this project how to sync audio with video. It also helped me focus when it comes to making sound accurately match the, and something that helped me with my final project

Plane Crazy Sound 2;28

I have to do a few editing to this to make everything on point, in fact I went over my time lap. Did not have time to fully work on it, but here is a rough draft.

2:28- 2;44 sound

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Matilda Soundtrack- Number 6- 2:28-2:44 Propeller- .0 tire screech- Swooping (winding propeller)- plane motor- Number 14-  4:11-4:15 plane motor- window shades for tower-

PLANE CRAZY! 0:15- 0:45

Breakdown of 0:15 – 0:45


1. The cow walks in to farm animals working

2. Dog sawing, pig nailing, duck hammering and Pig is turning propeller.

3. Pig nailing continually hurting himself


1.Nothing changes

2. Duck walks in with a piece of wood


1. nothing changes

2. duck gets sucked in the a hole in ground, then comes out


1. two mice comes and helps out with the plane

2. one mouse applies the wings on the plane

3. same actions with the other farm animals


1. The other mouse steps back and reads the how to fly book

2. licks finger to flip pages


1. looks through book and finds a page on a man name Lindy.

Self- Evaluation

My experiences with CT 201 has been alright so far. I honestly do not have a complete understanding in the class objective for I care little for sounds. What I love to do is do mixes and create stories with sounds. I’m more in the motion graphics area, but it has been fun working with audacity and especially pro tools. I have made a few mixes using sounds I have found in I learned to work the fossil recorder with my partner with Deji (video in his page) and I learned to use sound programs so far. I plan to use these programs with after effects for my animations and intros. Also I am planning to use use my own recording using the Zoom H2N and mix it with other sounds using Audacity.

Areas Im Good at

Areas I am good at so far would be sound productions through sound programs. So far this is what I am interested in and would like to do more assignments in this field.

Area Im Bad at

Recording. I do not like to record and just can’t do it.

Working on

Sound terms. I plan to study more on sound terms and how to use the recorders. I just can not see myself traveling recording with all the wires and microphones in public. I just have no interest in it and hope to do more productions through computer

Birds and Waterfall test

Getting familiar with audacity I used sounds from freesound to create a mix of two different sounds. Anyway, try to stay awake and enjoy!


I learned how to import audio in audacity in this project, and gave me an idea for my final project. I think I did alright with this mix and can add some more sounds to make it sound less dull and more realistic.

Jurassic Awesome

The Jurassic park sound video is just plan amazing. I watched this movie only a billion times and never thought that they used real animals to play the dinosaurs. Not only did they do that; but the also mixed the animals sounds (for example: hawk and rattlesnake were played together to make the sound of one specific dinosaur. Another awesome thing that was mentioned in the film was when he manipulated a bunch of sounds on the computer connected to a keyboard so when he played the keyboard it sounded like a bunch of different dinosaur noises. [youtube][/youtube]

Another video that was similar to this was the Kung Fu Panda Whooshing sounds. This one looked kind of fun. What they did was hook things up to a string and just start swirling, which made those “Whooshing” sounds in Kung Fu Panda. They used a hairbrush, metal pieces, a spatula, a bamboo stick, a skirt (lol), etc. [youtube][/youtube]

These videos gave me a better understanding on how sounds work in movie and making, and gave me more of an interest to remix. This also give me ideas for a sound project #determined

Sound Over

For my project, I would like to do a sound over project inspired by the DS106 course I took a couple semesters ago. I would first choose a video (preferably an old comedy or cartoon) and use different equipment to replace the sound and basically make my own audio. I am not completely sure which recorder I am going to use, most likely the Tascam, and do not think I would be using a microphone to record since both my hands will be busy making the sounds, so I would use the built in mic in the recorder. After that I match the sounds.