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Alasia’s Final Project Post On her Final Project called the “DANCEMIXMASHUP” !!!!!!!!

Once again, I managed to come up with another idea for my final project. At first, I wanted to use Miley Cyrus’s song and isolate her vocals from the track using audacity. However, over the weeks I’ve been working at home on my computer and trying to make that isolation happen, and I got it to work, but it didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to. The vocals were isolated, but the instrumental music in the background was still a bit noticeable, and I didn’t like how it sounded. Therefore, I thought of another one of my favorite things to do, which is listening to dance/electronica music. So then, what came to my mind was maybe I should just create a remix of all of my favorite dance/electronica songs, and change up the instruments, beats, tempo, and so much more of the songs and make it into a “DanceMixMashup” track.

I then began my searching on YouTube and on how to mix up and change the beats of various songs, and I am really happy with my final result. I chose 4 of my favorite songs, the first is called “Thinking About You” by Calvin Harris, the second is called “Work Bitch” by Britney Spears, the third is called, “She Wolf” by David Guetta, and the fourth song is called “Memories” by David Guetta. If you search on YouTubee and listen to all of these songs carefully, you will really hear the difference between my versions of the songs and the original song. You will notice how dramaticaly I changed the pitch, volume, and used a variety of effects on audacity to make it sound totally different. I really wanted to do something related to music for my final project because I have always been a music fanatic, and music is truly a mood changer, and can really help you out of stress, feeling sad, angry, and a bunch of other emotions you have inside of you.

I had a lot of fun doing this project, more then any of my other final projects I must say. The reason being so, is because I felt like I really got a chance to explore and mess around with so many tools into making my final project sound the way it does. I had a lot of fun doing both trial and errors on the effects, and deciding which effect and where I should place it inside of my dance mashup mix. Overall, I am very happy that I took this audio class, because I think I can really use it in my future when I want to create my own films or just about anything. I will know the true essence of sound and sound design, and I will really listen out for peaks, amplitudes, and frequency especially. I think that this class taught me way more about sound then I have ever known, and I am positive that I will carry everything I learned in this class throughout the rest of my courses and in my future career.

The links and videos below are the tutorials I watched that helped me create my mashup.

Effects used in Audacity to Edit Audio

How to make Beat Mashups:


How To Mix Songs:


How to Mix and Match Songs:





[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Alasia’s Change in her Final Project!

For my final project I decided to do something entirely different, i am no longer going to put music into my GIF. I would like to do a remix of one of my favorite songs “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Ray. However, I am going to use Miley Cyrus’s Version of this song, since I like the way she added her own creativity to it. I plan on doing a mashup of various beats and adding all types of effects to it, using audacity. During class last week, and over the week i searched on youtube, and and looked at audacity tutorials on both how to mix up beats, and how to turn a song into only an instrumental, or into an acapella. What I plan on doing for this song is taking out the beats, adding in my own beats, and only leaving the song with only Miley singing and nothing else. After that, i have searched a number of beats that i would like to use instead of the original beat that Miley is singing with in her version of the song below. I would also like to change the tempo of the beats, and Miley’s voice for my remix so that everything can sync well with one another.

Remove the instruments from an audio file with AUDACITY v1.2.6

Audacity Tutorial How to Match Beats for Mashup Remix Mix Tape | Edit MP3 Matching

Audacity tutorial: Using common effects |

Here is the song I am remixing below:

Miley Cyrus Cover For – Summertime Sadness

I love Lana Del Ray and she definitely has as beautiful voice, however i did like Miley’s version of summertime sadness a bit more so i decided to just remix her version.





Alasia’s Plane Crazy Revision With Soundtrack and Video Imported!!!

[youtube][/youtube]For my scene in plane crazy i chose scene 3:19-3:43. First i downloaded the plane crazy video using, and next i imported the video into adobe premiere. After that, I cut out the clip in which i would be using and then inserted it on my timeline. I then began researching for sound so that would match both the theme and the movement of this scene where Mickey Mouse is pulling the cow and chasing the cow and the plane, as well as jumping on top of the cows head while trying to be the hero at the moment. As for the sound I chose, well i searched on YouTube for cartoon sounds in particular and i found a video that seemed to best fit this scene. When finishing the video i downloaded a mp3 version of it using YouTube to mp3.,com, and then i also imported that into adobe premiere and cut the track from the entire soundtrack into the track that i thought would fit perfectly for the scene. When doing that i then muted the soundtrack for the plane crazy film on my timeline, and then i inserted the soundtrack i found on YouTube and inserted it onto the timeline where it would start at the beginning of the scene and end in the ending of the scene. Finally i imported both the audio and video into pro tools to see if i could do a bit of adjustments, and i found myself mainly fooling around with the echoing tool, as well as the bass and volumes. Thus bringing the sound in the film top be a bit more dramatic which is exactly what i was trying to go for. Here is the scene above with my audio inside of it, i uploaded the video to YouTube so it could, be more accessible to use when i further the audio editing/mixing process.

My scenes are 10 &18


10. 3:19-3:43 Cow is now holding on the tail of the plane. Mickey gives chase grabbing the cows tail and utter attempting to climb back aboard. Eventually he pulls the cow off the plane, and ends up atop the cow now galloping after the plane. Mickey finally accomplishes re-boarding by pushing the cow’s tail into an outstretched neck.

For scene 10 this is the sound i want to use while mickey mouse is chasing the cow and the plane. I edited this sound first by converting this youtube video into an mp3. Then i imported the video clip into Adobe Premiere CS6 and I selected and edited the clip i wanted to use using that software first. After that i imported it into Pro Tools and as of now i am still fooling around with it, but here is a preview clip of the sound thus far.   [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


18. 4:55-5:00 Minnie in a fit walks off the tail of the plane falling to the ground. Mickey follows and hovers midair looking downward.

For scene 18 i want to use a clip from this video for when mickey mouse and minnie start flying, and then jump off the plane i think this goes well with it here is the video

Here is a preview of the sound that i chose and edited using adobe premiere and protools, i am still editing the sound on this clip as well. [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Alasia’s Soundtrack Sound Effects Choices in mp3 version for Plane Crazy

Here are some sound effects I found on youtube that I converted into an mp3 version. Both sound effects are from old animated cartoons, and one is from a man named Tyros who makes his own cartoon sound effects using both the piano and the computer. I think both sound effects are perfect to use for Plane Crazy being that, Plane Crazy is also an old cartoon, and just the actions that are happening in scenes 6-23 seem to justify the sound effects that we hear in both tracks, and i think that we can mix them pretty well together as a team.

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Here are other soundtracks for us to decide on as well.

Tyros Classic Cartoon Soundtrack


Tom and Jerry Soundtrack



Old Cartoon Music


Alasia’s Plane Crazy BreakDown

My 30 second Breakdown:

Time I Was Assigned: 1:45-2:15

1. 1:45- Mickey mouse begins building the plane: For this scene we can maybe have a sound of a mechanical worker trying to build something, and also metal sounds, and sounds of something banging together in place, (like a hammer and nail).

2. 1:55- Mickey mouse is jumping up and down after he discovers how to build the plane: In this scene we could have a natural sound of someone jumping up and down, and happy/excitement music playing while he’s jumping.

3.1:58- Mickey mouse is thinking about something: We can have a thinking sound, like maybe a “ding” sound that can represent that a person was thinking of an idea.

4: 2:00-  Mickey Mouse sees a turkey walk past and gets kind of mad but then all of a sudden he thinks of an idea: We can have the sound of the turkey walking ,and maybe some music that represents that something is about to happen, like an anticipation sound/music.

5. 2:05- Mickey Mouse sneaks and grabs the turkey’s tail: In this scene we could have a sound that would represent someone tippy toeing.

6. 2:08- Mickey Mouse Puts turkey tail on the end of plane: We can have a sound of something or someone being pulled, and then the sound of a chicken yelling.

7. 2:10- Mickey Mouse hops on top of the plane: A sound of someone hopping and then the sound of a plane engine.

8. 2:11- Mickey Mouse looks back at the tail of the plane: More music playing in the background, (happy music).

9. 2:12- Mickey Mouse is moving the wheel and then he see’s Minnie Mouse and gets happy: Sound of a plane moving, sound of someone walking towards him, and more happy music playing in background.

10. 2:15- Minnie Mouse hands Mickey Mouse something and Mickey kisses it, and Minnie blushes: We can have romantic music playing in background, and then a kissing sound for when Mickey kisses the tool that Minnie gave him.


My Style Choice Video


I think that we should use one of the songs from this Early 1930’s Bugs Bunny Cartoon video above as a style choice/sound design for Plane Crazy because their are so many to pick from and each one has a different vibe to it. The themes in these videos kind of connect to what is happening in plane crazy, as well as the movements and actions of Mickey Mouse. I imagine this type of design being used in the beginning clip of the Plane Crazy film because the song matches what is going on. I would like to design a sound from this video based on the 1:45-2:15 clip because there is so much action going on in this clip. I feel like we can maybe remix it a little in Audacity or Pro Tools, and make it sound more natural.

“Wolf Love” (Alasia’s Individual Final Project Idea)

Alasia laureano fa284 monday class scenes1-6 combined


For my final project idea i created a gif and i would like to add my own soundtrack to it. As of now i have been planning to use the website to find sounds that would match both the story line and al of my characters movements  The gif i created tells a romantic story about a man wo turns into a wolf and is trying to win his true love back who has been kidnapped by another “manwolf” but an evil one. So the main character which is the man ou see walking first in my gif above, is the one trying to find the wolf woman and once he finds here he also encounters the evil wolf man and they both begin to fight each other for his love. Their is a lot of blood and claws involved in that scene, and the length would be around 23 seconds.

At the end the man wins the fight, and he turns back into a wolf and him and the wolf lady sit down and watch the sun come up and then you also see hearts, and cupid flying above them. I was alos thinking about maybe organically creating my own sound like maybe footstep sounds. Here below are some of the sounds i may plan on using, I would like to however maybe remix or alter these sounds using some effects in audacity and pro tools. I would like to use audacity more since i feel more comfortable with it, but i would still like to fool around with pro tools and maybe create something more interesting. To see watch my gif you can just drag it to a web browser in order to see the movements, or simply just click on it. In my gif you will hear walking sounds, screaming sounds, sound of people fighting, the wind blowing, sun rising up sounds, and some romantic music, and also music that will give you anticipation when watching.

I chose to do a soundtrack to this gif because i felt that it looked kind of boring without sound or music to it, and so i decided why not just create a soundtrack for t to make the story im trying to tell even more interesting and understandable when my audience watches it. If i plan on making my own footstep sounds i think i would use the shot gun microphone since it is very long and captures surround sounds perfectly, i would hold the microphone near my legs and  foot and as i am walking i would sort of have the microphne shadowing me as a walk that way it could capture my footstep sounds much better and clearer.







Evaluation Time!!!!

During the semester, I learned a lot of things about audio, especially when it comes to discovering sound and making sound. There is so much more than what meets the eye. One thing  learned is that frequency is what makes the sound go from low to high, and amplitude is somewhat comparable to the peak and altitude of a specific sound and distance. One of my favorite recordings  that I did this semester was the recording where me and my partner Raymond went outside and had  a chance t make up our own conversations, as well as trying to figure out how to use the Tascam audio recorder, and even the shot gun mic, which are two tools that I have never used before. I enjoyed getting the chance to use the equipment outside, and recording the waterfalls in central park, and also watching the way i recorded everything. As of now, i must say that my favorite audi recorder to use is the Marantz because i love how it has a variety of outputs to use and play around with, and I also feel that it is more compatible with every type of microphone. As for my favorite microphone, i love the shotgun mic, i feel that it does a wonderful job capturing surround sound, and this is one of the things that i mainly wanted to capture when doing my nature/environmental recording, since I love the outdoors. when it comes to telling a story through sound and music, i felt like this class made me kind of think out of the box, in regards to that. I noticed that even if your watching a movie with your eyes closed, as long as you hear the sound, you can get a sense of emotion and a mood of whats happening. For example, i tried watching a scary movie with my eyes closed, and as soon as i hear that scary sound, i kind of get a sense of anticipation and anxiousness and i begin to feel like something bad is going to happen, and this is exactly how sound can tell a story that will cause you to feel some type of way, good or bad. Even though i am not a pro with audacity while creating my waterfall mixx i messed around with a variety of tools, which helped me learned how to mix tracks and blend them, I love the effects in audacity and i used a lot of echo, and bass effects for my previous recordings. I think what i can do to maybe improve my audio, and the story telling aspect of my audio is maybe recording various sounds and then combining them all into one that will give my listeners a better sense of emotion on what is happening and on what i am trying to let them know through the sound effects of my audio and the sound itself.

Revised Waterfall Mixx With a Helicopter Sound Approach

[youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

So for this weeks homework I decided to make my waterfall mixx a bit more interesting and i chose to put a helicopter sound that is approaching in the direction of the sound in which the waterfall and chirping birds are going through. I downloaded the helicopter sound from sound and then i imported it into audacity with the rest of my audio, and once that was completed i mixed all of the audio together. Here are some examples of bird, helicopter, and waterfall sounds that I thought were interesting. [youtube][/youtube]

Waterfall Mixx

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

So for my recording I chose to use the sound that I recorded in Central Park, which was a waterfall recording. I then searched on Google and found a nature sound website called , where I had the chance to create a bird chirping sound. After that I exported it and then I imported both my original waterfall sound and the bird chirping sound in Audacity. After that I mixed them both together and rendered it. Then after that I fooled around and explored with a variety of effects on audacity and I ended up using the echo effect, the pitch effect, and used the tremble and bass effect. Once I combined all of the sounds together it came out just like this and now it actually sounds really cool as if the birds were really chirping inside of the water. Since I love nature sounds I thought it would be cool and sort of relaxing to remix the two of these nature sounds together and it kind of gives a feel of relaxation and may even lower your stress levels, I love the way this sounds. My only con is that I would like to make it a little bit longer next time or may even like to combine a person speaking in a low soft tone voice perhaps. This isn’t my first time using audacity. However, I haven’t used it in a while so I am still figuring out which tools are best to use in this software. Even though I pretty much just do trial and error. I still feel like their is a lot of cool things that I could mix up and learn. I already have a lot on my mind in what I want to do already, and this was really fun to experimment with. I can’t wait to try it again.