Live entertainment on the subway…or is it?

For the final project, I chose to create a sound mix of acoustic music and surrounding sounds to convince my listeners into believe that this recording is a live entertainment session on the NYC subway. In the link above, the sound mix is a short acoustic song by the popular punk rock, Paramore. The Paramore song is used is called “Interlude: Moving On“, which is featured on their latest self-titled album. But instead of me using the produced version, I discovered for a Ukelele Version by Marilyn White. For the subway sounds in the background, I used the audio of video I found on YouTube called “NYC train ride through Brooklyn“. At the beginning of creating the final project, I recorded my own subway ride but it wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to so I chose to look on Soundbible for some assistance but that was also a fail as well. As for looking for the right song to use, I tried look for a simple song that involved just one instrument that most subway musicians carry around, so that I can, again, fool my listeners. For creating the entire sound mix, I used Audacity at first but it wasn’t coming the way I wanted it to so I chose to use Pro-Tools instead.

Fake Applause The clapping when the song is finished playing.

Shopping Mall Ambiance The sounds of people walking in and out of the train at the stops.

For the final project, it was fun for me in a way because it was freelance and it was something that I did out of my own creativty. In my opinion, I feel I accomplished the goal I was aiming for with this project. I got 3 listeners so far to listen to my project and before I told them that it was a sound mix, they really believed that Paramore was actually on the train playing their music on the train for the public. In the beginning, I was actually going to sing the lyrics and record it myself but I’m really not that good vocally so I chose to use the actual song instead. I think that this is something that I would do more in my free time outside of school and because I am a Communications Technology major, I learned more about, specifically in sound mixing, using other applications other than GarageBand to create the sound mixes.