Home Alone Final Project

For my Final project I choose to Take two of my favorite parts of one of my favorite christmas movies of all time, the 1990 blockbuster hit “Home Alone” starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern. Below is the original trailer of the movie.

As i was watching a directors note guide to the movie of AMC, I found out alot of very interesting details about the movie. What i found most interesting is that the movie is supposed to act as a human cartoon. Finding this out changed my perspective of the movie seeing it more as a cartoon movie instead of real life. I decided to take my favorite parts of the movie strip out the sound and use my own idea of how the sound effects would go.

Using the video of the best moments from the movie,i found two of my favorite parts in the clip. imported it into imovie, cut them out, exported it onto my desktop and created a new project that would allow me to work with those two clips alone. Below is the video of the best moments from the movie.

I googled some sound effects and used some sound effects built into imovie. I imported them into itunes and exported them into imovie. Using some pitch correction and eq’s i was able to create the exact sounds i wanted to hear and how i wanted to hear them. I organized and lined up the sound according to the video than i exported the video out of imovie onto my desktop. I than googled the Home Alone soundtrack and found a piece titled “The Home”. I downloaded the piece from youtube and exported it into imovie adding it as the background music to the clip. I than exported the whole clip into vimeo. Below you will find a list of sound effects used in the clip, the song “The Home” from the Home Alone soundtrack and the link to my final project.

Slip and Crash and Fall


Gun shot


Falling down the stairs


Sizzle noise


Falling body






One thought on “Home Alone Final Project

  1. Michael Branson Smith

    I think you did a very nice job describing what you discovered about the film Home Alone and how that inspired the final project approach you chose. I think it would be great to remember to hyperlink sources such as the AMC Director’s notes post on Home Alone. That would strengthen the quality of the post and give others the opportunity to read it as well.

    Also remember to take the links to your great list of samples used and hyperlink the words, rather than post the URLs. This makes for easier reading and conveniently allows others to visit sites.

    As for piece you created, I think it was an interesting idea off to a good start. You chose to layer the musical cartoon sounds over the existing soundtrack. I’d love to hear the soundtrack completely reworked. I’m sure you could use screams from Bugs Bunny cartoons. I even could imagine you using Bugs Bunny’s voice for “hello,” though he may never have said that with his signature greeting being, “What’s up doc?” But turning the two robbers into Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd isn’t a long stretch as there would be plenty of yelps and winces they’ve made as the result of being tortured by Bugs Bunny.

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