Final Project – Mickey Mouse Haunted House (00:20 – 2:00) Sound Rework

For my final project, I reworked the entire sound design for Mickey Mouse Haunted House cartoon, from 00:20 to 2:00. This cartoon was actually created in 1929 by Walt Disney. I made an attempt to produce this project using the Matilda Approach, however it wasn’t working the way I wanted to to a changed my mind to only use sounds without music.  Although it challenging, because I had no music that could possibly cover up some areas. I had a lot of fun doing this project. I challenged myself to design all the sound effects in a way that would tell what is happening and most importantly, to portray the feelings of the character. I spent a lot of time finding the right sounds for each scenes to make the project as perfect as possible. Whatever sound I couldn’t find. I had to use whatever is available and play around with them, until I find what I wanted or could use to represent the sound I was achieving to get.

This project also helped me to become better with timing when editing my designing a sound effect to the video.

I have used a combination of natural sounds and free sounds from the web. I used Adobe Premiere CS6 and Avid Pro Tools to put all the sounds together.

Here is the final attempt. I added room tone to it.


Here is the first attempt to my project.


Here is a link to the original video.



Here are link to the free sounds i have used.