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So we bring the semester to and end so soon. I am so excited what I learn and take this and apply it to my furture projects. I can honestly say I havent done anything projects for short term goals, but for long term goals. Being a freelancer Designer, Videographer, Photographer etc. it’s especially to know these things especially about sound. From the beginning of the semester we learn about, How to properly use recorders and we had a chance to use a variety  such as Tascam DR- 40Zoom H2n Handy Recorder ( just to name a few. The overall purpose of using and testing these recorders, were to get a more indepth understanding of how sound works. How to check the levels, making sure you do the Checklist.  These are great habits to follow especially as a sound engineer, or to asure quality recorder for, videos, interview etc.. Sound is a science and can be a work of art. I learned in this sound class about Sound Design. Which helps implement the quality in sound wether for television, movies or interviews. Sound designers create sound from scratch, there goal is to create the most realistic sound to match the display. I admire this video how creative Peter Jackson ( Director of Lord of The Rings) was  for the specific sound he was looking for when creating this move. His design team spent hours to get the correct sound. So for the past couple of weeks Professor Smith challenge us to come up to with a sound design for a cartoon ” Plane crazy mickey” Now  my first thought was ok im going to match up the music with the cartoon etc.. However, it’s not that simple meaning  you have to know what type of  style Musicial, Orchestra,  Action just to name a few. My past projects I attempt Section 13 I choose which was from a group assignment. Below is my new assignment. I chose to redo Buster Keton ( you dont have to watch the whole video, but view some to give you a better understand who he is. I choose to do House falls on  buster What i did was totallly replace the sound using the program Premiere and just creating tons of layers. My list is below Sound that will be incoperated in this project will be   Wind

  • Wind Effect
  • Strong Wind
  • And actual trees blowing

(had to get 3 different wind sounds to make the quality sounds I was looking for in this design project)   Paper flying   Sirens ( to help implement the sound design   Metal Scrapping   Thump on the grown   Dirt /     Breaking sound     Some one screaming help ( or just screaming)   Smack/ Hit   Step Sqweak sound   Whistle Boing   Metal rattle   Crash   Wood Breaking   Crash

I orchestrated this list as i kept watching it to basically set a foundation of sounds ( Natural and Metophoric sounds) i would need to execute this project. I not only created one type of style but two. One with music and one without. Hope you enjoy.

With Music