Alasia’s Final Project Post On her Final Project called the “DANCEMIXMASHUP” !!!!!!!!

Once again, I managed to come up with another idea for my final project. At first, I wanted to use Miley Cyrus’s song and isolate her vocals from the track using audacity. However, over the weeks I’ve been working at home on my computer and trying to make that isolation happen, and I got it to work, but it didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to. The vocals were isolated, but the instrumental music in the background was still a bit noticeable, and I didn’t like how it sounded. Therefore, I thought of another one of my favorite things to do, which is listening to dance/electronica music. So then, what came to my mind was maybe I should just create a remix of all of my favorite dance/electronica songs, and change up the instruments, beats, tempo, and so much more of the songs and make it into a “DanceMixMashup” track.

I then began my searching on YouTube and on how to mix up and change the beats of various songs, and I am really happy with my final result. I chose 4 of my favorite songs, the first is called “Thinking About You” by Calvin Harris, the second is called “Work Bitch” by Britney Spears, the third is called, “She Wolf” by David Guetta, and the fourth song is called “Memories” by David Guetta. If you search on YouTubee and listen to all of these songs carefully, you will really hear the difference between my versions of the songs and the original song. You will notice how dramaticaly I changed the pitch, volume, and used a variety of effects on audacity to make it sound totally different. I really wanted to do something related to music for my final project because I have always been a music fanatic, and music is truly a mood changer, and can really help you out of stress, feeling sad, angry, and a bunch of other emotions you have inside of you.

I had a lot of fun doing this project, more then any of my other final projects I must say. The reason being so, is because I felt like I really got a chance to explore and mess around with so many tools into making my final project sound the way it does. I had a lot of fun doing both trial and errors on the effects, and deciding which effect and where I should place it inside of my dance mashup mix. Overall, I am very happy that I took this audio class, because I think I can really use it in my future when I want to create my own films or just about anything. I will know the true essence of sound and sound design, and I will really listen out for peaks, amplitudes, and frequency especially. I think that this class taught me way more about sound then I have ever known, and I am positive that I will carry everything I learned in this class throughout the rest of my courses and in my future career.

The links and videos below are the tutorials I watched that helped me create my mashup.

Effects used in Audacity to Edit Audio

How to make Beat Mashups:


How To Mix Songs:


How to Mix and Match Songs:





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