The Dream of Becoming a Song Writer ( Starring Kevin Jackson Prod by Mc Alexander S C)

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For my final I want to make a short portrait documentary. This will be my first attempt of making any type of filming, that is what excited me the most I enjoy doing challenging stuff it is a way for me to see how far I can actually push myself. The documentary will be about a friend of mine his name is Kevin Jackson, he is part of a music label called Merlot Inc. I met Kevin when I was a freshman at York College. Kevin is from the Bronx New York, growing up music always has been a part of his life. His dad use to play R&B musics. He is an English major here at York College he enjoying writing poetry. His music have a message, it have a purpose nowadays people misunderstand the Rap Culture whenever someone say rap the first thing that come in their mind is SEX, DRUG AND THUGS. The documentary will introduce him as an artist and his process recording, writing songs and also his dream of becoming a song writer.

For this documentary I will be using the Canon 60D which will allow me to shoot at 24 frames per second and also at 1080p.

For the sound recording I will use the lavalier microphone which is a small electret or dynamic microphone used for television, theatre, interview etc…

For the light & tripod:
I will need at least two lights, preferably three. A soft source of light is best for the subject, a second light for the background, and a third for either fill light, hair light, or a side light (variously called “edge”; light or “rim” light). Umbrella for the main light, but umbrellas tend to scatter light all over the place, making subtlety difficult. A softbox are much better its much easier to control to my opinion. Lightfinterviews-2

The problem that I had to face for this project was the noise, more precisely the low frequency noise.I had these noise because I do not use another to record the sounds. However I was able to remove of some it by adding a sound track to the video and also the professor show how to remove it in Pro Tools by finding which frequency the noise is coming from which was around 10k then we flipped the opposite was reduce most of the noise and also we put it to 18 DB…
One the other challenges I had to face was cutting up the audio so he what is was saying could make senses. This the first time in my life I ever had to edit or show a video. It was hard but I tried my best I have learned a lot of stuff from it such always use another device to record the audio

The video and the audio came out great I showed it to some of my friends they liked it. Overall I was able to take the stuff that I have learned during this semester such knowing the different type of microphone know their purpose. Also the sound design by adding different perspective of the sound for example I have a shot from outside where they are working on a song in the room when I got inside I changed the audio so if someone was listening only to the audio so they could know they are in the studio working on a sound or doing something else it help the audience to visualize whatever they are listening to. Overall I really liked this project and this class it helped me understand the importance or should I say the role audio play in whatever medium you are working on.

For this project I used a video Kevin already had on their Youtube channel and I extract the audio from it and I also used some of the video clip as B-ROLL

I also use music and the instrumental as a soundtrack while he is doing the interview

Another one

B-roll video

3 thoughts on “The Dream of Becoming a Song Writer ( Starring Kevin Jackson Prod by Mc Alexander S C)

  1. Michael Branson Smith

    Hey amazing first portrait film. I’m not surprised by the quality of the footage shot and the intro visual sequence is really impressive. Sorry that we were running out of time in class and I think there are some things that could be done improve the narrative. Let me know if you’d like to sit down at some point and review the piece more thoroughly. It would be great to read a transcription of the sound bites used and have a conversation based on that as a starting point.

    Thanks for reaching for a project that was very new for you, and I hope learned a lot from it.

  2. schiller Post author

    Thank you very much, at the beginning of the intro the train Shot I got it from they have free footage I have attached a link of the website. I’m going to Haiti Monday when I come back I will shoot some B Roll to replace it. And I would love for you to help me when I came from Haiti m going to make another documentary when I go there

  3. schiller Post author

    Yes I learned a lot from it have, It inspirited me to do another when I go to Haiti for the holidays. Thank you for help I tried to follow the guide line you gave me.

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