Mickey Mouse Crazy Plane Sec 13

We were challenged to do a segment with no music. I really focused on trying to make the sounds for the airplane as well as make it sound pop a little. Again using sound bible along with downloading youtube clicks using Pwnyoutube.com. The new sound I added The car drives by, i intense the sound of the air plane by adding two additional sounds, i also included the whistle sound. To go along with the little drop the air did.

I choose to revise section 13  of Plane crazy Mickey. The previous audio I created was with the them music from matilda which was The End of Trunchbull. We incoperated that soundtrack with sounds. We were challenged to create it with no music this time. I wanted to be as precise as possible. Using Soundbible.com and YouTube helped me to create this.


List of Sounds used in Section 13

Wind ( which is play throughout the entire 14 secs)

Metal Rattling (I used for the airplane sound. Being that the airplane seemed like it was smoking and rattling)

Screaming (used when the plane was falling)

Airplane ( used when the airplane came closed toward the camera. I used this particular sound to give and illusion of a plane coming close. I increased the sound)

Slipping sound ( used when she was pulling on Mickey’s shirt)

Boing sound ( used will Minnie was bouncing up and down in the plane.


Metaphoric sounds I used were the slipping and Doing sound. I used that to emphasis the moment.


The natural sounds I used wind,metal,Airplane and  Screaming.

Airplane sound effect




One thought on “Mickey Mouse Crazy Plane Sec 13

  1. Prof. Michael Smith

    You must list your sound sources and hyperlink them. You cannot just list a site and not the specific sounds as well as describing how they were used.

    I really like the variety of sounds that you’ve chosen but would like to see you try and match pieces of sound to a specific action’s length. For example: the mouth harp and whistle sounds used to match Minnie bouncing out and back into the plane are wonderful choices, but they don’t stay in sync with action. I’m gathering the harp is the bounce in, and the whistle is the bounce out, but they need to be better timed. Even shortened, lengthened if need be to the exact length of the action.

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