Plane Crazy *No Soundtrack* 5:21- 5:30

I decided to choose the scene where mickey mouse is falling and is hitting branches on his way down.

Final Plane Crazy edit:

The sounds I used were

1. Horse shoes as tree branch

2.Cartoon clangs for the hit in the head with horseshoe

3. Metal pipes hitting ground for the plane parts

4. Coin spin on plate for the horse shoe spin (couldn’t find an alternative)

5. Body fall for when mickey hits the ground

6. Bushes

Plane crazy video [youtube][/youtube]

Plane crazy sound WITHOUT sound:[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

I learned in this project how to sync audio with video. It also helped me focus when it comes to making sound accurately match the, and something that helped me with my final project

One thought on “Plane Crazy *No Soundtrack* 5:21- 5:30

  1. Michael Branson Smith

    Thanks for listing the specific sounds used but try to contextual links please by hyperlinking words. Also categorization based on natural vs. metaphor sounds is needed. And please bounce your portion of the soundtrack audio to disk as a quicktime movie so that you can then upload it to youtube and embed to the post. That way we can see picture and sound together.

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