Crazy Plane Mickey Scene 13

Our assignment was to recreate sound and sound track for Crazy Plane I choose to do  Section 13. 3:59-4:11  (The plane finally pulls upward but falls wildly in the air)

I used soundbible and downloaded seven different sounds that, I thought was suitable for the snippet. In the 14 seconds scene, i incorperated different sound effects such as metal rattling, screaming, airplane, wind, boing, frying and pan. The sound track i used was from matilda called End of Trunchbull. I was selected in reference to which part i was going to use. The song starts out very quit and subtle and then it picks up the speed and intensity of the music, so in designing this project I did just put the music that was asked i sync the music based on the scene ( which is very important)  Syncing the project was fun for me seeing everything fitting in. Actual seeing and hearing the sounds at the same time was a thrill.