Mega Plane Crazy Group Mashup

Each of you have been assigned two portions of scenes 6-23 of Plane Crazy. For your two sections you are to create a soundtrack from found sound effects online. Make sure you a mixing literal sounds with sounds as metaphor as we discussed in class last week. Also be sure you document all of your sources with links back to the original sounds. Please list them out in an organized fashion, labeling them and pointing to exact time points if you used a portion of a longer audio file. Place these sounds in two lists: Literal & Metaphor.

We are all going to use a common soundtrack to sample from though. Use the audio from the video embedded above which is The End Of Trunchbull from the Matilda soundtrack. I think that this will work wonderfully as it has numerous arrangement and pacing changes throughout the piece. You are free to use any portion of the soundtrack for your parts of Plane Crazy. Also feel free to loop, remix the music to fit your needs, don’t feel like you must play a sample straight for the duration of your parts.

If you’re not familiar with the Youtube download process, you can use my favorite download tool Pwn Youtube (use the bookmarklet which is the easiest). And to export the audio from the video file use the open source software MPEG Streamclip.

You can then import the downloaded Plane Crazy video and End of Trunchbull video and extract the audio. Using Pro Tools you will be able to import the video file and watch your section of Plane Crazy as you work on it.

For your blog post include the two lists with links to your sound sources. Describe how/why you chose your samples. Also describe how you chose your portion of the soundtrack and from what exact time point in the piece. AND AS ALWAYS FOCUS YOUR WRITING BASED ON THE MAKINGS OF A GOOD BLOG POST.

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