Updates and Plans

Please publish a post that redefines and updates everyone with your final individual project plan. You should include a sample of the work as part of this progress report. I’ve consulted with most of you individually about your projects, and if you have not try to do so before next class.

Things to include in your update:

1. The length of the final project and a description of the contents to be heard (and possibly seen as well).

2. The methods for recording and/or using samples. If you are recording please describe exactly the tools you are using and in what manner. If you are using samples and/or found sounds you must maintain a complete account of the sources of the sounds with links.

3. A description of the research you have done to investigate the designing of your project’s content as well as techniques you discovered to influence your project.

4. As always this update should reflect the standards of how to write a blog post about your work.