Three Min Silent Movie short film (Timeout) Final proposal


(Three minute silent film)

I want to make a three-minute movie. Using all the different techniques we learn in sound class. I’m going to create a story line  for the  slient movie, which was inspired by  Buster Keaton. I may do it in black and white which is undecisive. Basic detail Im going to incorporate a sound design based on what we are  studying. My favorite  sound design project was by Lord of the rings 2. Director Peter Jackson. Im going to do the movie first then create the sound for it  just like they, piece by piece  and then mix it in protools. My attempt is to make it as realistic as possible.


Scene# 1 will be a lady in bed and the alarm clock goes off (fades out), she runs  down the steps and runs outside (you will hear birds chirping) she looks at her watch and see she is running out of time and misses the bus the bus pulls off (sounds in this scene will be Alarm clock, her running down the steps and the bus passing by.)

Scene #2  the lady bumps into her boss rushing with paper work and a brief case ( sound of papers falling), the boss points to the clock ( you will hear the sound of the clock ticking) she goes to her desk bangs the paper work on her desk and start typing at the desk and answering phone calls. Later she looks up to the clock and see it’s almost time to get off work ( you hear the clock ticking)

Scene # 3 the lady walks up the steps and put the keys in the door drops bag and plops on the couch and looks at the clock. The end


This didn’t plan did not work due to timing. As first suggested to revise the scenes and time was not on my side, so I decided to use Buster Keaton and short clip from youtube A house falls on Buster Keaton (There were no sources which moving this came from).


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