Self- Evaluation

My experiences with CT 201 has been alright so far. I honestly do not have a complete understanding in the class objective for I care little for sounds. What I love to do is do mixes and create stories with sounds. I’m more in the motion graphics area, but it has been fun working with audacity and especially pro tools. I have made a few mixes using sounds I have found in I learned to work the fossil recorder with my partner with Deji (video in his page) and I learned to use sound programs so far. I plan to use these programs with after effects for my animations and intros. Also I am planning to use use my own recording using the Zoom H2N and mix it with other sounds using Audacity.

Areas Im Good at

Areas I am good at so far would be sound productions through sound programs. So far this is what I am interested in and would like to do more assignments in this field.

Area Im Bad at

Recording. I do not like to record and just can’t do it.

Working on

Sound terms. I plan to study more on sound terms and how to use the recorders. I just can not see myself traveling recording with all the wires and microphones in public. I just have no interest in it and hope to do more productions through computer