Top Ten

My goal as a graphic designer and production major is to gain more knowledge and experience or my trade. I would like to work for a company like MTV, BET or Century 21.  Working at these, type of companies will help me to expand my creative capacity, and hands on trying.

  1. MTV
  2. BET
  3. CNN
  4. WWE
  5. NY1
  6. Century 21
  8.  Gotham
  9.  BBMG
  10.  ignited


My Concentration is Graphic Design; I also have knowledge of print, video and web. This is my passion this sums up my whole career. Getting this position would be awesome, and a privilege. I have experience doing freelancing and designing with customers. But I know this opportunity would put me on another platform for designing. I know I will be challenge, which I love when it comes to designing.


Choosing these firms and companies I viewed each site a look at their cliental listing. All of them had worked for major clienteles, like Kmart, Best Western, Denny, Citi, American Airlines just to name a few!