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Through the course of this semester I build up enough knowledge about Sound that I never really understood. Learning the techniques and the physical properties of sound and researching it, has given me the confidence to do better recordings in the future.

Some of the physical  properties of sound consist of Transduction; Which accepts energy in on form and gives it back in another form. This is how a microphone works, when a person speaks into a microphone the sounds that are coming out of their mouth is energy ( mixture of gases, molecules etc.) and are turned to another for of energy and produce the sound. Sound is a science by itself. Another physical property would be Frequency; audible frequency is characterized as a periodic vibration whose frequency is audible to the average human. It is the property of sound that most determines pitch and is measured in hertz (Hz).  Our ear hear the range of 20Hz to 20KHz. Wavelength; this is the wave forms, each wavelength develops a different pitch.


The impact that sound has on storytelling, it is the process of developing a sound design, which is normally used in movies, theatre, television and live music ( and so forth). This technique is to create a illusion and allow you to hear effectively what is happening or taking place.  Sound impact on storytelling  subtle piece or justhe right ambience at a certain point that contributes to storytelling.

This video Display the overall concept of story telling without visuals. But listening to this video, allows you to image the scene.

Steps to approving quality sound when recording:

The Checklist RECORDER you choose in reference to the input gain ( which is when signal enters a mixer) – Manual Vs. Auto, (Left vs. Right) gain dials, MIC GAIN (L, M, H), Limiter/auto switch. File Format – file type WAV or MP3 (uncompressed or compressed), sample rate (44.1, 48, 96, 128), bit depth (8, 16, 24, 32) Internal vs. External mics Phantom Power (+48V) on/off Left vs. Right, Stereo vs. mono, […] These 7 steps are the key step to recording a quality recording as well as knowing the technicalities of each term!

For quality mixing you want to get and understanding how to import music files. Knowing the sample rate and the bit rate you want to mixer in. Being sure how and when to sync up the sound clips. Knowing the different effects in the program your using some of the top programs used to record audio Protools,Audition, Fruity loops studios ( just to name a few there are tons) and Online  Audacity, Filelab, Acoustica and again just to name a few! This will help you develop quality audio mixing!

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    I can’t wait for Pro-tools. I have had a little experience in this program. It is a BEAST!! I’m extremely eager!!

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