After the discussing on last Thursday in class, I took out the time to enhance the sound to the best of my ability. Using the site FileLab which I used to edit each file individually, as  if i was using a mixing board. Then I linked them together using Acoustica Edition, then I export it back into file lab to crop the file, o be a shorter sample. Some of the effects I used the Amplify tool, which decreases and increases the sound. Heres a tutorial and sample of how the tool works and how to use it.

I used the Amplify tool for the birds to give the effect like im passing by and then the sound decreases. In addition to that effect to make it more realistic I also used the Time Stretch tool  which decrease and increases the tempo. I also used these effects with the truck, to make it seem as though the frenquency level has dropped and been strecth. Here’s a sample of how the tool work and to use it.


In class after listening to the clip with the ambulance passing by. I had a greater understanding of frequency and the meaning of it. The alarm sound on the ambulance has an directional horn sound on top, so when its coming toward you can hear it louder as it approaches you. But as it passes the frequency level drops and make a low echo like sound, which is similar to the Time Stretch tool ( if used properly). So my attempt was to produce the same quality effect with the online editor site. Giving the illusion of a sound thats not really there, like a sound designer.

New and Revised The Walk

3 thoughts on “ReWalk!

  1. mvng4wrd

    Although your sound was not a normal listening level it was better than the first sound you recorded. I immediately noticed the differences within the two recordings as you added a truck reverse sounds, 2 different birds, and subtle changes in the audio. I feel that there could have been just a little bit more but what you have here is pretty good as is.

  2. Alasia Laureano

    nice sound, next time you should record yourself running:) think that would be a bit more interesting

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