The Walk

This time around I recorded myself walking. I memorize the sounds I hear around me as i was walking. Watching the sound design projects, it gave me a greater understand and a new perspective of sound. My sound clip as you listen tell a story, where you can hear whats going on in my atmosphere. Watching the that was video post on the class website  Amazing Short Film on Old Time Radio, Gave me my idea to not just record the environment, but tell a short story. Whatever, you do should be clear what is going on in the story. As you listen to my recording  the chirping of the birds give you an idea it’s sunny outside, you hear that i’m walking and you hear the truck backing up. These are actual things I saw when I was walking. I enhance the sound using a free sound effects online website called I added the birds chirping, walking on concrete and the truck backing up thats from Soundbible,

My Sound clip

4 thoughts on “The Walk

  1. holmesdrichard

    Wow!! Great Stuff Lakeya!!! Wherever you were going, I can hear the lateness in your walk. LOL!! I think you did an excellent job.

    Great Footsteps.

  2. Prof. Michael Smith

    So interesting the contrast between the birds and the trucks. They don’t normally go together but I love them together! One thing I think that would be interesting to build upon, would be to work with some panning and frequency filtering of the cars and birds to try and give the impression that they are passing by you, or you’re passing by them.

    And you should try and link to the pages of the samples you used. One way to remember them all is to start a draft blog post, and simply paste all the URLs there to save them until you publish the post.

  3. mvng4wrd

    As I listened to your recording I found a lot of interesting things. I found that your footsteps, bird chirping, and even bus stopping / break release was really a nice touch. The footsteps and the birds chirping gave the listeners the idea that the sound recording was done outside. With the introduction of the bus break release I assumed that the bus was stopping for the person walking which I found to be a nice touch. The chirping of the birds were really crisp and I felt that If you added a wind (trees blowing in the wind) element somewhere at the end it would be even better.

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