Fast Line

The recording I use from this project was the recording i did in the Cross Bronx Highway. While choosing which audio i wanted to use for this assignment. I thought of the recent post I put  up about making the sound effect for the movie Transformers. How they collage all the recording and mash it all into one huge sound effect. I decided to mash up some of other sounds i found in Soundbible  into my audio. I want the listener to feel what they hear, without having physical  visual. i was messing around with the right and left speakers, how audacity was give me little difficult on the mac.

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

2 thoughts on “Fast Line

  1. Prof. Michael Smith

    This is a very rich recording and I’d love for you to try and explain what you did to various points in the recording. Try and map out for us what you added/subtracted a various time points. I want to better understand the intentions behind the work.

    And thanks for linking to soundible, you should link to the specific pages of the samples used as well.

  2. Raymond Mora

    Interesting mix with the sounds on the highway. It made it seem more realistic when hearing it.

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