Building an Atmosphere with Perspective in your Sound Mix

I want you to use a favorite recording created in the past few weeks. If you do not like any recording, create a new one! You will use this recording as a foundation for a 30 sec to 60 sec piece of sound design.

The piece of sound design should showcase a change in perspective based on a story idea. For example, if I had a dry recording of piano to use. I could try and create the change in hearing that piece of music as if it were being played from my sister’s room. And the change in perspective is me walking down the hallway and entering her room.

If you wish to mix in other sounds, I encourage you to use sites like

The tool you will need to use for mixing is Audacity, which is free open-source software that works on Mac and PC. There are innumerable tutorials on how to use Audacity. There is also the ability to add filters to Audacity.

You must create your file, upload to soundcloud, and embed in a properly written blog post.