Jurassic Awesome

The Jurassic park sound video is just plan amazing. I watched this movie only a billion times and never thought that they used real animals to play the dinosaurs. Not only did they do that; but the also mixed the animals sounds (for example: hawk and rattlesnake were played together to make the sound of one specific dinosaur. Another awesome thing that was mentioned in the film was when he manipulated a bunch of sounds on the computer connected to a keyboard so when he played the keyboard it sounded like a bunch of different dinosaur noises. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwWvO4UgJiU&feature=related[/youtube]

Another video that was similar to this was the Kung Fu Panda Whooshing sounds. This one looked kind of fun. What they did was hook things up to a string and just start swirling, which made those “Whooshing” sounds in Kung Fu Panda. They used a hairbrush, metal pieces, a spatula, a bamboo stick, a skirt (lol), etc. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM5xeTH5iZU&feature=related[/youtube]

These videos gave me a better understanding on how sounds work in movie and making, and gave me more of an interest to remix. This also give me ideas for a sound project #determined

2 thoughts on “Jurassic Awesome

  1. Aeros Zero

    Combining a “hawk and rattlesnake” to make the sound of one specific dinosaur sounds very unique to create a new sound creature from 2 sounds into 1 sound.

  2. ohdavis

    I found Kung Fu Panda , making sounds effect amazing, which your imagination could take you to many places. which could make the process of making the movie faster and easier

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