Reflecting on The Quality of the Recording

A list of considerations post recording:


  1. Position/ of the microphone and how it impacted the recording – subject to mic proximity, directionality (based on the polar pattern of the mic), contact noise (brushing, hands, etc.
  2. Setting – unwanted ambient noise (in a music recording hearing other instruments), wind/weather, acoustics of the space (size, shape of the room, indoor/outdoor).
  3. Loudness of the recording is the content you wished to record at an acceptable loudness. This the result of level settings of the recorder, but also 1 and 2. This also includes concerns with distortion (you cause the transducer to fail levels that are too ‘hot’) The recording is peaking the meters.
  4. Mechanical/digital noise – all recording equipment generates noise. In digital recorders noise tends to come from Analog to Digital processors (converting the electronic signal that represents the sound wave into samples and bits)
  5. Not having the right equipment or faulty equipment, forcing alternate plans.
  6. Are you looking at the waveforms with an acurate tool (ie. Audacity and not soundcloud).


  1. Actual words (content from an interview), or sounds (from an atmospheric recording) you hoped to get on tape, but did not.
  2. Do you have access to create the recording you desired. You cannot be both the recording engineer and the subject of a recording easily. Develop opportunities for yourself in which you stand the chance to learn the most.