Jet Li Kicking and Fighting

I happen to be a huge fan of Jet Li.  I think his movies are very exciting and his style of fighting brings style to an age old art!!

I watched the last fight scene without the sound and saw how I paid more attention to the actual moves, scene cuts and the actors facial expessions.  Without sound to me, leaves out a very important aspect of the actual reasons these two guys are actually fighting in the first place.

I notice as I listen to the audio without seeing the visual, I can sorta visualize the emotion and the direction of the hero’s struggles and triumphs. There is a scene where Jet Li’s hand is burned badly.  Just listening to the audio, a person cannot reallly discern what was causing him the pain.


Overall, this was an extremely great mix of audio and visual effects.

This is the final fight scene from Romeo Must Die 

1 thought on “Jet Li Kicking and Fighting

  1. mvng4wrd

    Having already seen this movie I can honesty agree with your responses. Throughout this entire fight scene there are a variety of sounds that make the action more intense. Without sound challeges you to focus more on character expression. Overall, I liked your scene and movie of choice.

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