A is For Effort


I have taught this class for a number of semesters, but this will be the first time teaching this class since the Spring 2010. How one might record and mix a story using audio has not significantly changed in three plus years, but how I wish to teach this class has.

First big change is that we will be making a variety of projects throughout the semester and reflecting on how/why you made what you made. Previously I had the course focused on the creating of one radio story in the style of episodes from the NPR show This American Life. I’m not shutting the door on making that kind of audio content, but I don’t think it should be the only project. We will decide together.

And the bigger change is this, you will need to help me decide how you will be graded for this class. I used to have a point system for projects, for skills, there were tests. I don’t want to do that. I hate tests. You hate tests. I like projects and reflections but more importantly I like students that simply work hard at getting better. Period.

So I’d like us to come up with a method to evaluate your tenacity as you work through the four learning objectives of the class. Your first assignment is to research and find an example of how we could measure your “stick-to-it-iveness” how hard you keep working. How could you adapt that example into measuring your tenacity in each of the four learning objectives?

In a blog post link to and/or embed your example. Describe how and why you might use it to measure your effort for each of the learning objectives. Will it work for each one? Do they need to be modified?

Based on what you discover we will agree together by the next class how the grading scheme will work.

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2 thoughts on “A is For Effort

  1. alasia

    I think that we as a class should get graded based on the effort we put into our projects, meaning that since we are aware that we must complete all projects in the correct way, and on time, then our grades should play a big role in this as well. I also think that we should be graded on how well we understand the course, and what we have learned from it and how we can begin using it in class work, homework, story telling, and projects for this class. If we understand the meaning and purpose on the course then our grades should be influenced by this.

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